Are you Ready to Reboot?

Accelerate your business by simplifying your processes

The current situation has forced many organisations to rethink core processes of their business quickly. A digital strategy has become mandatory. The acceleration of digital processes is now not a question about IF, but HOW. Growth often co-occurs with an increase of workflows, such as information and data handling. Managing these processes more or less manually, can become a showstopper in acting fast.

The key questions you need to ask:
  • How can your business operations accelerate fast nowadays?
  • How can your business increase in flexibility to quickly respond to changing customer needs?
  • How can your organisational structures become agile enough to adapt fast?

The magic formula for agility? Complexity Management.
On this page we show you how simplifying workflows, operations and information handling is as easy as 1-2-3.


Look at your business with the right complexity management methodology
Step 1 1


Simplify data handling and content workflows through Information Management
Step 2 2


Automate repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation Technology
Step 3 3

Expert Webcast: Mastering complexity and accelerating your business in uncertain times

Simplifying operations, processes and information handling is as easy as 1-2-3. In our webcast our expert Marcel Cobussen is showing you how your business reaches the next step in digital maturity if you simply follow our 5-steps-formula.

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Your extra bonus for reducing complexity at work: No need to take care about daily maintenance and monitoring of your applications and servers with Managed Application Services

Managed Application Services include a fully managed solution with on-premise capabilities and a bridge to the limitless Microsoft cloud applications for streamlined workflows. You benefit from functionality of your applications and servers whilst we make sure everything's up-to-date, secured and maintained silently in the background.

Content management combined with the exemplary Workplace Hub ecosystem provides a scalable end-to-end-service for a range of business processes.

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CSEEE - Information Services: Fully integrated automated office and IT architecture​

In 2018, the CSEEE wanted to implement a “one-stop shop” solution to manage its information system and that would ensure the smooth exchange and security of data. The specifications comprised Office Automation, IT Infrastructure and Document Management.​ Thanks to Workplace Hub, CSEEE now boasts a fully integrated automated office and IT architecture, providing high processing speeds and secure access to data.