Konica Minolta named a worldwide leader by IDC MarketScape for print transformation


Konica Minolta named a worldwide leader by IDC MarketScape for print transformation

In the IDC MarketScape: ‘Worldwide Print Transformation 2020 Vendor Assessment’  Konica Minolta was named a ‘Leader’. The company has pursued an approach to significantly grow its product portfolio and capabilities in IT services. The IDC MarketScape states that “Konica Minolta has successfully executed this plan in targeted areas such as managed IT services, security, voice over IP (VoIP), enterprise content management, business process outsourcing, and vertical specific ERP and CRM solutions”. The report notes that “…customers seeking more than just a refresh of their printer/MFP portfolio and more of a vision of the workplace’s evolution into the future may want to consider Konica Minolta.”

IDC MarketScape assessed that “Konica Minolta believes that technology needs to be human centred, so understanding the motivations, wants, and needs of the worker is essential. The company will focus on the ‘why’ when implementing new technology and not just the ‘how’.”

IDC transformation leader 2020 Konica Minolta

IDC MarketScape video statement

The office technology landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and in this short video, IDC MarketScape discuss how the market requires vendors to change and adapt to customer needs, addressing digital transformation and the future of work.

IDC Marketscape highlighted solutions

Take a look at some of our solutions that were highlighted by IDC in the 'Marketscape Print Transformation Vendor Assessment' and download your copy of our useful guide ' Choosing the right IT vendor - 8 questions SME's need to ask to decide on the right partner'.

Information Management


Smart and secure information management solutions

Day by day, the amount of information is growing exponentially: Document files, e-mails, online materials, invoices and many more accumulates into a massive data volume. Unstructured information, often not classified, is stored in different places and the main problem is usually a missing consistent data infrastructure, creating time-consuming administration and unsecure processes. Optimise your information-relevant corporate processes by utilising Konica Minolta's suite of Managed Content Services (MCS).

Managed IT Services


Solutions to protect your business

IT environments get more complex every day. No matter what type of business, you're at risk of penetration from external forces such as hackers ('penetration points'), as well as leaks, losses and threats from malware. This is why Konica Minolta broadened its approach to IT security many years ago. Today, we bring you a complete service which spans people, processes and technology.

Business Process Solutions


Set the foundations

As an experienced provider of business process solutions, Konica Minolta offers you a wide range of applications from ERP to CRM and from HCM to collaboration-tools with your individual needs at the core. Integrated and tailor-made solutions like this are the basis for a future-proof IT environment in your company.

Konica Minolta Marketplace


Smart work solutions

Your multifunctional printer can go far beyond printing and copying alone; it can also provide your staff with hugely valuable support and automate a wide range of those minor office tasks. With Konica Minolta Marketplace, employees can finally exploit their potential to the full and focus on the bigger picture.

MarketPlace lets you enhance your IoT devices such as bizhubs and WorkPlace Hubs with highly useful functionality and solutions designed to transform the way you handle document management. In this way, it can fix both common office issues and less frequent ones.

Security Solutions


Protect your business

IT departments today – especially in small and medium sized businesses – are faced with an ever-increasing task complexity. This leads to high costs and binds IT resources needed for innovation. By outsourcing all or parts of your IT infrastructure management we give you peace of mind - and more time and energy to focus on your business. Konica Minolta offers a full range of cyber security solutions, spanning access control, data security, network security and scanning security.

Download: 8 questions to ask when deciding on the right IT partner.


Finding the right IT vendor

Selecting the right partner isn't easy - but it's never been more critical.

When faced with the plethora of potential IT suppliers, it can be particularly overwhelming for small and medium-sized businesses to know where to start. This decision is made tougher by the growing importance and value of IT in today’s increasingly digitalised businesses.

Download a copy of our guide with the 8 questions SMEs need to ask to decide on the best partner!