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AeroDR 2S

Upgrade your existing analog X-ray room in just a few simple steps with Konica Minolta’s lightest 14x17” CsI Digital Detector on the market. The AeroDR 2S was designed with input from customers worldwide to meet a diversity of needs.


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Upgrade your existing analog X-ray room in just a few simple steps with Konica Minolta’s lightest 14x17” CsI Digital Detector on the market. The AeroDR 2S was designed with input from customers worldwide to meet a diversity of needs.

Lightweight - The AeroDR 2S is Konica Minolta’s lightest 14x17” flat panel detector (2,5 kg) and therefore very easy to handle in your daily clinical routine

Robust - A 300 kg surface load makes it suitable for all patient types and sizes

Charging time - Capacitor technology enables charging the panel from 0 to 100% in just 13 minutes

Waterproof - Exposure to water or body fluids is no longer a problem with AeroDR 2S’ IPX6 water proof rating

Speed - Its improved cycle time of 4 seconds allows you to do more exams per day. The preview is already available within 2 seconds!

AED - Automatic Exposure Detection by means of Hybrid Detection Technology


AeroDR 2S has been enhanced with various high performance features that will support a truly digital workflow. This results in high quality standards at an affordable price. 

Lightest 14x17 inch detector

By thoroughly reviewing the housing and compo¬nents we have been able to reduce the weight of the AeroDR 2S by approximately 10% compared to the weight of the current standard model AeroDR S. This makes AeroDR 2S Konica Minolta’s lightest 14x17 inch Flat Panel Detector. 

High performance capacitor

Konica Minolta utilizes a capacitor for its AeroDR 2S instead of a battery to allow a very quick charging time of just 13 minutes (0 to 100%). This means the detector is ready when you are. Using this unique capacitor technology, there is no loss of charging capacity and there is no need to replace the power unit during the lifetime of the detector like you would with e.g. Li-ion batteries.

Also, there is no risk of overheating while in use or being charged, ensuring additional safety for you and your patients. 


In order to expand connectivity options, the AeroDR 2S is now equipped with AeroSync automatic exposure detection. This means that there is no need to connect any cables to the generator or generator console. 

Water resistance

X-ray detectors may be accidentally exposed to water, blood or other fluids when used in demanding environments such as an emergency department. To prevent possible damage to the interior of the detector, the AeroDR 2S is equipped with an IPX6 certified waterproof housing.

This also allows for easier disinfection and cleaning when needed.



Konica Minolta’s roaming functionality allows you to share one or more AeroDR detectors between multiple X-ray rooms and mobile X-ray units. This can reduce cost and gives you extra flexibility in your daily operation.

Robust and durable design

By using the same housing technology (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) as used for AeroDR Premium, the robustness of the AeroDR 2S has been greatly improved. A surface load of up to 300 kg is conform the other members of the AeroDR family. The robust, water resistant design of the detector protects it against liquids, drops and bumps.

Mobile upgrade

Upgrade your existing analog mobile X-ray system to a wireless digital solution in an instant with AeroDR 2S and a portable CS-7 console. You can now take digital imaging directly to the patient’s bedside and check X-rays on the spot.

10 reasons to retrofit

  1. Full Direct Digital X-ray imaging for an economic price
  2. Speed up your workflow and carry out more exams per day
  3. Easy to install and 100% wireless
  4. AeroDR 2S can be used in com¬bination with any vendor’s X-ray room
  5. Shorter waiting times for your patients, both in- and outside the X-ray room
  6. Waterproof detector: suitable for ER usage and easy to clean
  7. Easy handling due to the detector’s light weight (2,5 kg) and special grip sheets
  8. Quick charging within 13 minutes. Ready when you are
  9. Robust carbon fiber design to prevent damage from eventual drop
  10. Portable detector can be shared between multiple X-ray devices


Speed up your workflow

Konica Minolta’s CS-7 software provides a simple and intuitive user interface for complete workflow control. From the collection of patient data to image optimisation, flexibility and ease of use are guaranteed. Image processing time is reduced, which results in a cycle time of only 4 seconds in wired mode.

Intelligent Grid

Konica Minolta offers an optional Intelligent Grid: a sophisticated Image Processing Technology to improve the X-ray image quality. Intelligent Grid improves contrast in the image, which is often affected by scattered radiation.
The newly developed software is available as an option on Konica Minolta’s CS-7 console and enables users to have an easier workflow as there is no need to carry around different grids anymore.
The IntelligentGrid offers three types of parameters, comparable to regular grid ratios 3:1, 6:1 and 8:1, so the user doesn’t have to switch grids between different exams all the time.