Growing demand for Roudenngrafik`s business through digital label printing

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Growing demand for Roudenngrafik`s business through digital label printing

Growing demand for Roudenngrafik`s business through digital label printing

A customer for several years with digital colour presses, Roudenngrafik has reaffirmed its confidence in Konica Minolta by choosing the bizhub PRESS C71cf, a digital label press, to expand its range of services.


Roudenngrafik brings together four complementary fields of expertise under its brand:

  • Graphic design
  • Sheet-fed printing (traditional offset and digital)
  • Digital large-format and photo lab printing
  • Label printing

Based in Brittany, the company employs a staff of 50 over one graphic studio (Plérin), two production sites (Guingamp and Plérin) and five shops.To complement its roll-fed label printing business established a decade ago (bottles and packaging, food, agri-food and more), Roudenngrafik set out to create a digital production line for greater flexibility and profitability on short and medium runs.

In October 2016, they discovered the power of the Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C71cf, a digital roll-to-roll press designed for self-adhesive label printing, at the grand opening of Konica Minolta’s new showroom dedicated to printing professionals in the Paris region.The excellent first impression created at the time was reinforced by more comprehensive and personalised tests conducted at the All-4-Pack trade show (Villepinte) in November 2016.

The Konica Minolta press presented in conjunction with a GIC finishing module (semi-rotary die cutting and varnishing unit) finally won over Roudenngrafik, who purchased it for their Plérin site.

Customer benefits

Installing the bizhub PRESS C71cf quickly paid off.

New opportunities
“With technical overhead and waste reduced considerably, the bizhub PRESS C71cf makes us profitable on small and medium runs of 1000 labels or less – where at least 5000 labels were needed previously. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to, say, seasonal products, like Breton biscuits. The GIC finishing module, with its semi-rotary die cutting and varnishing unit, is also a great plus for serving these customers. It lets us apply selective varnishing for overprinting, e.g. with expiry dates. The investment has helped us win new markets. For instance, we now have new customers calling on us for prototyping. This has allowed us to show off our full range of services, and we now also serve them for other job types, such as folding boxes,” explains the company’s director.

Versatility and productivity
The ease of use of the new machine ensures maximum availability and increased production times. Also, the bizhub PRESS C71cf can print on a wide range of adhesive media, including coated and uncoated paper, polypropylene and synthetic paper, without compromising quality: “The print quality is consistently excellent – a surprise even for our seasoned sales teams, who are particularly motivated to offer this new service to our customers.”

Excellent customer service
“The responsiveness and professionalism of the Konica Minolta technical teams also played an important part in our decision. Servicing, when needed, is a matter of half a day.”