Open new horizons with MGI JETvarnish 3DS

Open new horizons with MGI JETvarnish 3DS

Open new horizons with MGI JETvarnish 3DS

MGI and Konica Minolta add missing digital touch to ReBrand clients

Large format printing house ReBrand specialises in the production and installation of interior and exterior branding materials.

The company started its business operations in 2007. Since then, it has realized projects of all types and scale – from the most routine to the most complex and demanding ones.

ReBrand is part of a holding structure that aims to close the cycle of providing advertisement products and services – from design, through production and finishing works, to delivery and installation. Differentiating services into new brands and websites is also part of its portfolio expansion strategy. The owners, Mr. Mladen Marinov and Mr. Lyubomir Nikolov, who work in advertising, faced difficulties in the past in terms of production control in order to provide a quality product to their customers, therefore, they decided to enter the world of printing. "It is our goal to be extremely loyal and fair to our partners and customers," says Mr. Mladen Marinov, Managing Director of ReBrand. It is this endeavour that leads them on the path to success. The companies that are part of the group are constantly developing and investing in numerous technologies, software solutions, as well as in their employees through education and training to increase their qualifications and experience. The companies also take an innovative approach in developing the portfolio of products and services offered to clients. Key factors for the success of ReBrand are fulfilling promises to clients, and caring for the employees.

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“Thanks to our joint project associated with the installation of MGI JetVarnish 3DS, we have found a reliable partner that we can count on. Even in the cases of more complicated and unconventional orders, that need to go through the machine, the team of professionals at Konica Minolta Bulgaria is always ready to help.”

Mladen Marinov

Managing Director of ReBrand

The Partnership of ReBrand and Konica Minolta Bulgaria

In order to be able to offer innovative solutions,ReBrand is constantly looking for options to diversify and enrich the machines used at production sites.

ReBrand is taking the path of transformation – entering the digital printing sector, which is characterized by smaller runs, the customization option, short deadlines, user-friendly work with the machines, without the need for preparation time. Digital solutions ensure that ReBrand can enter new market segments and, as a result, attract new customers.

The Managing Directors of ReBrand became interested in the MGI technology after the samples enhanced with MGI technology were shown to them by Konica Minolta Bulgaria.

The digital print solution project grew into a digital technology print enrichment project. Two demonstrations were held at the renovated showroom of Konica Minolta Bulgaria.

After becoming acquainted with the advantages of the technology, ReBrand decided to invest in an MGI JetVarnish 3DS.

Before the delivery of the equipment, Konica Minolta Bulgaria carried out analysis and consultations with ReBrand before installation of the machine, and also conducted the employee training, which lasted more than a month. For the Managing Directors of ReBrand, on-site preparation and follow-up consultations were additional evidence that Konica Minolta Bulgaria is the right partner. The support in a joint partnership approach also gave confidence to ReBrad that everything agreed during discussions will be realized on time and with due quality and care. At each step, the next steps and corresponding responsibilities were clearly defined.

Konica Minolta Bulgaria’s customer-oriented approach gave ReBrand the assurance that consultancy, service support, and customer care are always guaranteed. The trained team of experts of Konica Minolta Bulgaria accompanied ReBrand not only during the acquisition and installation, but also afterwards.

See the potantial of digital liquid foil with MGI JETvarnish 3DS technology 

Digital Liquid Foil is the name of the service unifying the effects of MGI JetVarnish 3DS. ReBrand professionally takes full advantage of the benefits of MGI technology on a daily basis. MGI JetVarnish 3DS brings the impressive results to ReBrand, that is not limited to foiling and varnishing.

Using the MGI JetVarnish 3DS ReBrand team captured the point of applying varnish or foil to a print. "If the final product is with Digital Liquid Foil, it is many times more beautiful and powerful, but this happens only when the varnish and foil are used in the right way. Nothing in advertising should be an end. It has to be done moderately and highly deliberately."

It is also important not only for the machine operators, but also for the designers and prepress team to be trained to prepare foil and varnish mask files.

"Yet the best advertisement for Digital Liquid Foil are physical samples. No product photo or video can convey the feeling of touch and the effects of playing with light when MGI finishing technology comes into play ", Mr. Marinov is convinced.

The partnership between Konica Minolta Bulgaria and ReBrand creates luxury packaging, magazines, invitations, cards, brochures, posters. ReBrand is satisfied with its investment two years after deciding to include MGI in the machine fleet it uses: "We’re willing to consider upgrading our MGI JetVarnish 3DS. The larger format will bring us more options for large-scale projects," says Mr. Marinov. "MGI has changed the quality of our services and added that missing touch of digital printing that has helped us reach the highest level."


  • Expansion of the company's portfolio, including services concerning customized digital solutions
  • Building offers depending on client requirements and market situation
  • Need for technology to provide competitive advantage


  • MGI JETVARNISH 3DS – the innovative technology, in addition to cutting-edge know-how in the field of digital print enrichment


  • Offering value-added products
  • Expanding workflow and closing the cycle with finishing operations
  • Meeting the high demands and expectations of the customer
  • Competitive advantages provided by the innovative MGI technology