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Konica Minolta Video Security Services can significantly improve your marketing, increase sales and make your store an overall better and more secure place. Do security issues distract you from focusing on the development of your company? Or are you interested in using IP surveillance cameras to make your infrastructure more secure? 

If you don’t trust your current surveillance set-up or would like to invest in a superior solution, Konica Minolta can now help you enjoy security and peace of mind when you close your shop each evening. Proprietary 360° hemispheric IP camera technology has the functionality to cover all your premises, while hemispheric processing offers enhanced video quality and resolution, ensuring you can spot those (often all-important) extra details. 

A modern IP camera doesn’t just help you prevent theft and provide evidence of suspicious behaviour, however – it can also be used as a means of generating hugely valuable data to improve your shop design and customer preferences. 

Both, you and the customers will love the discreet design of the video surveillance system, and the camera will teach you an enormous amount about the shopping habits of customers, actual and potential, so you can fine-tune your sales strategy to their preferences – and stay ahead of the retail game as well as secure!



Focus on what’s really important for your company – security and sales

Let our technology handle your security concerns! A reliable and effective MOBOTIX security infrastructure records everything you need, with no blind spots.


The 360° hemispheric IP camera technology lets you generate valuable data you can use to not only prevent theft and provide evidence of suspicious behaviour, but also to improve your shop design and customer preferences. The camera teaches you more about the habits of people visiting your shop, so you can fine-tune your sales strategy.


Used in the retail sector, a MOBOTIX surveillance camera solution offers a host of exciting benefits. The systems integrate business intelligence with video security, provide you with a modern IP video solution which acts both as a theft prevention measure and as video evidence, and always use clear, sharp imaging. MOBOTIX surveillance camera solutions are discreetly designed, and offer maximum coverage with the minimum number of cameras (use of ‘Hemispheric Technology’). Cyber-secured thanks to encrypted communication, the solutions are also the perfect business intelligence tool, showing you how to maximise your most effective sales activities and consequently profits at your stores. Embedded video analytics (heatmap/object counting/behavioural detection) is used in the solutions to provide business intelligence.

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So much more than a standard solution

MOBOTIX cameras can be used in a wide range of different ways at a modern organisation, and are renowned for their outstanding reliability. The cameras provide the ultimate in energy efficiency, and are incredibly accurate: a single camera can discreetly monitor a huge area with no blind spots.

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Everything from a single source

The intuitive and flexible software solutions offered with MOBOTIX camera surveillance are at the cutting-edge in today’s retail sector. A MOBOTIX software solution ensures you benefit from video management, video analysis and device control, and the Video Management System (VMS) means there is no need for a management server. Thanks to our solutions’ use of Embedded Video Analytics (object counting/heatmap/behavioural detection), all your video intelligence is analysed live and locally in the camera, ensuring there is no unnecessary traffic on your network.

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The perfect all-round package

In our Services package, we accompany you through every stage of the process, ensuring you are offered an all-embracing security solutions concept tailored to your organisation. Starting with a detailed consultation – including site survey and analysis – we address the specific needs of your company, including optimising and enhancing your entire video infrastructure. A proper project management solution includes professional installation, followed by remote monitoring services to control IT infrastructure and network status, and maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of your video security system.

So much more than regular surveillance

A solution from Konica Minolta offers much more – so much more – than a regular surveillance camera. 

The solution doesn’t just record anything and everything going on at your store – its high-quality system and 360° vision also provides you with razor-sharp HD video covering the entire space. It offers a range of new functionalities that can be tailored to suit your business needs. Camera surveillance in retail will help you analyse the way your customers behave while in your retail space by recording the numbers of visitors and tracking their movements and activities. 

Do you sometimes wonder which aisle your customers use most? Where they spend the majority of their time? A MOBOTIX retail solution lets you study their purchasing behaviour, so you can take fact-based decisions and increase your sales exponentially. Transparent heat maps help you analyse shopping trends in moments. Regularly tracking these patterns also puts you in a position to reach more informed personnel decisions, so you can bring in more staff to cover peak purchasing times – keeping your customers happy, increasing sales, and saving you money. This is clearly a win-win-win situation. 

Konica Minolta Video Security Services will also help you improve your marketing. By taking decisions based on the video data generated by the system, your marketing team can see with their own eyes the effectiveness of display advertisements. They can easily optimise their marketing campaigns by analysing the factors that influence increased traffic in your store, such as time of the day, the weather or day of the week, and adjust their messages accordingly. 

Konica Minolta can significantly improve your marketing, increase sales and make your store a better, more secure place overall. 



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360° vision

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Analysis of customer behaviour

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Better staff planning

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High quality video

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Marketing optimisation

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Visitors counting

Video Security with Integrated Business Intelligence for Retailers

Integrated Point of Sale (POS) features, combined with on-board image and data analysis provide both security and value-added business intelligence.

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Imagine there was an autonomous solution that guaranteed the greatest safety and security standards in physical settings without the need for any extra personnel — sound good? It is.

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Success story

Using camera Imaging to guarantee product traceability

Using camera Imaging to guarantee product traceability

Backing onto a port used for daily fishing that produces high-quality catches, the „Criée Municipale de Quiberon“ (Quiberon Fish Auction House) manages the supply chain that links together fishermen, fishmongers and logistics workers. The „Criée Municipale“ has chosen Konica Minolta to replace its outdated video surveillance system. As its primary function, the system monitors the areas surrounding the buildings, which are permanently open and most likely to be where machinery is operated during the day or night. However, the most important function of the video surveillance system at the „Criée Municipale“ is providing visual traceability for goods handling processes. The ability to track the containers at all stages – from when they are stored in cold rooms or tanks to the moment they are stacked on pallets for transportation – is essential both for safeguarding the interests of the fishermen and for investigating potential complaints from customers. The image resolution quality provided by the cameras, their resistance to extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold and sea spray and the security of the company‘s IT system were the main reasons for choosing Konica Minolta products.

Keeping track of logistics

There are 35 “criées”, or fish auction houses, in France, dotted along the country’s coastline. As an organisation it ensures that every customer, wherever they are in the country, is provided with fresh, quality fish, while bringing added value to the work of every fisherman. A “criée” functions as both a small stock exchange and logistics space. By liaising with fishermen, buyers and logistics workers, it ensures that the processes of bringing seafood to market, and the associated financial transactions, all run smoothly.

Each day, the catch is sorted by species, size, presentation, quality and by boat. It is then put up for sale on the clock face. The tanks house crustaceans, shellfish and live fish, while the fishermen store their dead catches in the cold rooms. Video surveillance is essential for protecting the facilities that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it also creates the possibility of tracking the handling process and identifying the source of any errors made during preparation of the delivery.

Konica Minolta was chosen to provide video surveillance for three reasons:

“The security of our IT system. We identified that our old video surveillance system had a flaw that resulted in our database becoming freely accessible. We’re talking several million euro that pass through our IT system every year. With Konica Minolta, we no longer need to worry about that sort of thing.”

“The equipment is robust. The cameras need to be able to withstand sea spray, extreme cold— where they are installed in cold rooms—and salty sea air.”

“The high-definition images. We need to be able to track the movements of 100% of our crates. An average of six crates travel along our conveyor belt every minute.”

Capture and record every movement

The equipment installed at the “Criée Municipale” consists of eleven cameras and three video viewing stations featuring the MxManagementCenter (MxMC) application. Aside from Alexandre Lebrun, Lebrun’s assistant and the dispatch team also have access to the images. “The cameras are positioned to view the docks, the cold room, the tanks, the car park entrances and exits, the entry to the pier and the docks for shipping and receiving goods,” explains Alexandre Lebrun, Manager of the “Criée Municipale de Quiberon”.

The exterior cameras are constantly recording. Inside the premises, including in the cold rooms, the cameras are triggered when someone opens the door.

Retracing the logistics history

The video surveillance system is used to visually track the entire handling process, guaranteeing that fishermen’s catches stored in the tanks or cold room remain intact, while also preventing vandalism. “If a logistical error is detected during inspection of a shipment—such as a batch is missing from a form or there is an incorrect reference on a pallet—the team will go back over the recording to identify the transfer error that led to the accidental exchange,” says Alexandre Lebrun.

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Ensuring that the catch remains intact

Each fisherman has exclusive use of certain containers. The video surveillance equipment ensure that all containers remain intact, both in the tanks and the cold room.

Reinforcing the excellent reputation of the Criée Municipale de Quiberon

For the dispatch team, every day is a race against the clock. “Regardless of the volumes processed, the lorries always leave at the same time in order to guarantee the day’s supply across France,” comments Alexandre Lebrun.

The cameras record the movement of 1500 tonnes of produce. The ability to quickly revisit the origin of potential transfer errors is vital.

By referring back to the time-stamped images, the team is able to perfectly track the route of each crate. “Being able to find a batch that has failed to reach its intended pallet by tracing its history is essential to our productivity,” explains Alexandre Lebrun.

Conversely, it could be that the batch delivered is all in order in terms of it reaching the correct destination, but it has been attributed to the wrong fisherman. One fisherman then receives a payment for a product he did not sell and the other fails to be paid for his wares. “Taking five crabs from the right tank but not the right container is enough to cause confusion. Viewing the footage helps us to rectify the situation by tracing the batch delivered,” says Alexandre Lebrun.

The video surveillance system is sometimes used to objectively address disputes with fishmongers. “For example, recently a fishmonger called us claiming to have received a batch of turbot that were smaller than he had purchased. The video recording, which we shared with him, enabled us to show him that there was in fact no issue with the delivery. The sharpness of the camera images is of course very important when dealing with this type of situation. The image resolution allows us to identify each crate with certainty and its contents with accuracy,” comments Alexandre Lebrun.

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“By the end of 2018, our system of existing cameras had become obsolete; the technology was on its last legs. I discovered Konica Minolta when the photocopiers were replaced in the Quiberon municipal buildings. During an audit for the “criée”, I discovered that Konica Minolta could also provide me with a video surveillance system, so I asked for a quote.”

Alexandre Lebrun

Manager of the “Criée Municipale de Quiberon”, France


  • Secure facilities and IT system
  • Robust equipment
  • Sharp images
  • Guaranteed traceability for logistical movements


  • Protecting those facilities that are open 24/7
  • Visually tracking the supply chain


  • 11 Mobotix cameras
  • MxManagementCenter application

Success story


Taking video security to the next level

Taking video security to the next level

XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S is the largest locally owned DIY centre in Vendsyssel. Founded 1966 by Egon Svendson it is greatly involved with the town, the surrounding area and the local business community. Having an old set up with a total of 22 security cameras, XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S decided to ask Konica Minolta, a long and trusted partner in copy and print, to replace their video surveillance system. In the end, Konica Minolta installed 40 digital MOBOTIX cameras with integrated intelligence and completely new administration and registration possibilities.

Intelligent camera surveillance makes the XL-BYG Elling’s setup 100% digital

XL-BYG Elling has used video surveillance for many years and the number of cameras in use has steadily risen. Over the years, the centre’s analogue cameras were supplemented with five digital cameras to give an installation of a total of 22 cameras. The installation was no longer up to date, however, and the image quality was below par. For Kristian Nielsen, Konica Minolta was the obvious company to ask: “We’ve been a Konica Minolta copy and print custom­er for as long as I can remember. The collaboration has worked well, and when we attended an event at the XL-BYG headquarters, Carsten Holmgaard from Konica Minolta presented the new MOBOTIX cameras. Based on the description, it sounded as though the solution might be well suited to us, so we discussed the possibilities with Carsten.”

Following an initial dialogue and subsequent measure­ments and calculations, a contract to install a total of 40 digital MOBOTIX cameras with integrated intelligence and completely new administration and registration possibilities was concluded. The technolo­gy in the MOBOTIX cameras enables them to record 360 degrees. This makes it possible to achieve optimum coverage of the entire area – including the store, storage yards and cark park – with a total of 40 MOBOTIX cameras, which can register the number plates on all vehicles in the area, for example.

“The old cameras were only able to ‘record images’ and nothing else. Furthermore, many important areas of the DIY centre were not properly monitored”, says Carsten Holmgaard, adding: “It’s a very large timber merchant and DIY centre. Just like everyone else, they have to take action to prevent fraud as well as register and document everything in case of complaints and disputes. They are now far better off than before.”

Information straight from the cameras

“We’ve invested in a small NAS server for the new cameras, but given that they’re intelligent cameras, we can tap all sorts of information directly from them”, explains Kristian Nielsen, adding: “This means that, as far as hardware goes, it’s a manageable setup that doesn’t use much power or other resources.”

As the Managing Director of XL-BYG Elling Tømmer­handel A/S points out, however, images have to be transferred – and this requires some bandwidth. But they have managed to find a solution to this as well: “The MOBOTIX solution runs separately on its own network, so we have sufficient bandwidth to transfer images and video without compromising our administrative work. Furthermore, we can increase or decrease the resolution of the MOBOTIX cameras so as not to use more bandwidth than necessary”, Kristian Nielsen says. This specifically means, that the company alternates between a resolution of 3 MP and 6 MP depending on the lighting conditions. They are still working on the final setup as each camera can be adjusted individually, and in most places 3 MP is sufficient to deliver sharp images. The night cameras work with infrared technology.

Surveillance as a management tool

“XL-BYG in Elling took notice when we told them about the numerous opportunities that these intelligent cameras present”, Carsten Holmgaard from Konica Minolta says. “On the one hand they can deliver sharp images, which for instance can be used for investigative work, on the other hand they’re capable of storing data and economising the server capacity. However, the cameras are capable of much, much more.”

With this, the Konica Minolta Business Development Manager is referring to how a MOBOTIX solution can be a management tool that can be used to schedule the work in a store, such as a bustling DIY centre, in a very effective and profitable way. This makes the cameras more than just a part of a surveillance solution – it makes them a tool that helps the manage­ment to make decisions that can ultimately boost operations and profitability.

“We’ve been equipped to use the cameras far more strategically than before, and on a management level it’s now much easier to work strategically with the intelligent data we’re able to tap into. We can count customers in the different areas of the store and test the outcome of moving items in the store, for example. And with the ability to register all the cars in the area, we’re much safer than before”, concludes Kristian Nielsen, Managing Director of XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S.

quotation marks

“In heat mapping for instance I see great potential. It gives us a reliable picture of the actual customer flow in the store. We can see how our in-store displays work, which areas generate the most traffic, and how we can arrange the store optimally with regard to promotional items and profitable product lines.”

Kristian Nielsen

Managing Director, XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S

XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S: Taking video security to the next level

XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S is the largest locally owned DIY centre in Vendsyssel, Denmark. Having an old set up with a total of 22 security cameras, XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S decided to ask Konica Minolta, a long and trusted partner in copy and print, to replace their video surveillance system. In the end, Konica Minolta installed 40 digital MOBOTIX cameras with integrated intelligence and completely new administration and registration possibilities.


  • Security camera set-up covering the entire area
  • High picture quality and image resolution for monitoring
  • Intuitive and user-friendly camera control
  • Highly reliable surveillance system ensuring 24/7 monitoring
  • Surveillance as a management tool to optimise the workflow and sales figures
  • Possibility to store data, helping with investigative work and economising the server capacity


  • Implementing a new digital surveillance system which covers all areas
  • Increasing security


  • MOBOTIX security camera system with:
    • 33 indoor cameras
    • 7 outdoor cameras
    • Model i26, Model D16, Model p26, Model c26, Model M16

This flexible and comprehensive security solution will change the way you work. The system’s video surveillance and analysis offers a variety of benefits for shops, car dealerships and other retail outlets. If you would like to be one of those retailers, and find out more about these functionalities, contact us, and one of our specialists will be in touch.