Outsourced IT to empower SMEs

How to outsource the IT environment and management

Seize the opportunity to complement your IT team

Small and medium sized businesses in particular can struggle when it comes to an adequate IT set-up. Yet they need to be competitive, boost employee productivity and take advantage of the latest technology. This is where outsourcing comes in.

Will outsourcing replace your internal team? Will it needlessly replace established systems? Some SMEs have concerns about overlaps and complications with their IT department - especially as third party suppliers have started taking on a wider scope of tasks, like service desk and infrastructure management.  

However, outsourcing can never replace the IT experts in your company. The IT professionals in your in-house team will always bridge the gap between technology and people. They make sure the technology is meaningful and easy to use. 

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Konica Minolta's approach: empowering rather than replacing internal IT

Rather than replacing the in-house IT function, an external solution provider should serve as a trusted and valuable extension. At Konica Minolta, we provide complementary services. We will empower and work flexibly with your in-house team to identify issues and maximise efficiencies and cybersecurity. This will free them up to ensure that IT supports your strategy and business goals. 

Beyond IT to digital transformation 

As well as helping you to meet everyday and urgent demands by taking on specific tasks, Konica Minolta can do much more. We have the expertise to help your IT function to drive digital transformation in your organisation.

This means enabling you to unlock potential, streamline and look at the bigger picture. It means designing the digital future of your company and helping your workforce and business functions to get the greatest benefit from technology. 

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"Through our close relationships with our customers and our long-term experiences within the industry, we have seen that IT professionals, particularly in SMEs, struggle to keep up with technological advances. This is because they simply lack the necessary resources to take on everything at once."

Outsourced IT to empower SMEs

Outsourced IT to empower SMEs

The benefits of outsourcing IT

Want to outsource but not sure what you need? We'll start by understanding your existing environment and business processes and then bringing you tailored services, in line with service level agreements. This includes:

Analysis of your IT environment to understand your needs

Assessment of your servers, devices, PCs, peripherals

Supporting your IT team so they can focus on core competences

Broad network of top tier partners

Extensive portfolio of IT services tailored to your needs

A seamless experience to end users

Proactive monitoring and management to anticipate issues

24/7 remote control capabilities

Single point of contact for all problems, incidents and requests

Anti-virus and anti-malware services to minimise vulnerabilities

IT environment optimised, standardised and consolidated

Emergency back-up and recovery services

Outsourcing IT in SMEs eBook

The increased adoption of outsourcing IT to external managed service providers poses a seemingly obvious question – at what point will internal IT departments be rendered obsolete? While it is certainly true that service providers have demonstrated their ability to take on a widening scope of tasks, including areas that traditionally within the domain of internal IT departments such as service desk and infrastructure management, this is not a zero-sum game.

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Get in touch with our IT outsourcing experts to talk about how we can support your SME. We'll be happy to advise you on our outsourced services and guidance. 

Success story

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Elajo invest ab // electricity, mechanical engineering and energy unburdening it with managed services and infrastructure solutions

Elajo invest ab // electricity, mechanical engineering and energy unburdening it with managed services and infrastructure solutions

Elajo is one of Sweden’s leading electricity, mechanical engineering and energy com¬panies, offering broad expertise and a knowledgeable staff of close to 900 employees. Since it was founded in 1958, the family business has experienced strong growth over many years and combines the proximity as well as the flexibility of a small company with the resources of a large one. In the vast majority of cases, the company is geographically very close to its customers as it has offices in 38 cities in Sweden. With its products and services, Elajo and its employees generate a yearly turnover of approximately SEK 900 million. The decision in favour of the long-term partner Konica Minolta for the update of their software and hardware as well as for the assignment of managed network services was just natural. The solutions ensure the new system provides the highest level of security while enabling very efficient and simplified workflows.

Unburdening internal IT departments through tailored services 

For Elajo’s business, it is exceptionally important to be able to focus on the needs of their customers. In today’s economy, underlying IT systems take on a decisive role in order to allow this. As more and more systems become connected and inter­nal as well as external business processes grow increasingly digital, companies need to be able to leverage the full potential of these technologies to stay competitive in their market and serve their customers with the highest levels of quality. A strong partner who knows its business and is able to take care of IT and the digitalisation of a company’s processes is especially crucial with a diverse and geographically spread company structure with 38 offices. “Managing our IT is at the core of our business and we want to limit the internal resources we invest here to a minimum. Hence, in order to be able to focus our resources and efforts on supporting our employees, our IT department turned to Konica Minolta, our long-established, proven partner,” Elajo’s CFO Olle Westerling explains. Through the close dialogue between the two companies before the start of the project, Konica Minolta gained an in-depth understand­ing of Elajo’s needs and was hence able to tailor the service to exactly the desired outcome, freeing up internal resources. “In many ways, it feels like Konica Minolta’s experts have become a part of our IT team,” Westerling added.

A single point of contact for managed network services 

In order to provide Elajo not only with a set of IT products but also with the solution it truly needs, Konica Minolta delivers a complete array of managed services. Konica Minolta’s experts proactively manage the company’s entire network: this covers hardware and IT management, including PCs, servers and the whole printing infrastructure, as well as software components such as security firewalls and conventional day-to-day office software. The services include real-time monitoring and patch­ing of the network and infrastructure as well as the continuous deployment of new software and hardware, ensuring the maxi­mum level of security to protect each office location. For Elajo, this procedure has the enormous advantage that the com­pany has one single point of contact for all topics concerning their network, as Konica Minolta is responsible for all issues concerning the IT network. With Konica Minolta harmonising the company’s IT set-up, new locations can now be easily integrated into the existing systems. The new locations receive an easy-to-implement rollout package of simple steps so they can be up and running in a fraction of the time a new set-up used to take.

At the construction site or in the office: making work seamless 

As an organisation, Elajo is on its path to taking advantage of the potential of digitalised work processes. Konica Minolta harmonised the company’s office software with the implemen­tation of Microsoft Office 365 across all locations and mobile devices. The project was planned and executed in very close collaboration between Konia Minolta’s experts and Elajo’s IT professionals, ensuring a perfect fit for the entire organisation. The implementation opens up a wide range of applications for mobile and remote work as well as communication; it is of exceptionally high value for employees who are constantly on the road or at construction sites. Access to new applications gives employees greater flexibility in how they work and how they interact with their peers, while simplifying the whole main­tenance and update process of the system. “Konica Minolta knows our business very well. Their solutions enable us to work remotely, for example, which significantly increases our overall efficiency. We can therefore focus on our core tasks and have to travel less, which means huge financial and environmental benefits for us,” says Olle Westerling.

Konica Minolta as trusted long-term partner for IT 

The projects with Elajo are a prime example of Konica Minolta’s complete focus on customer needs. As more of a solution provider than supplier of products, Konica Minolta makes sure to fully understand the business and the existing circumstances within the customer environment. Furthermore, Konica Minolta’s approach of remaining a universal service partner even after the implementation phase of the tailor-made systems defines the close relationships it has with its customers as well as the insights into their business processes and what they need in order to deliver the best possible solutions for their customers.

Olle Westerling
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Our maxim is to be the most attractive business partner on the market for electrical, energy and technology solutions. Through our long-lasting relationship with Konica Minolta we know that they are the right vendor for our IT needs so that we can focus on our customers. We can be sure that for projects like infrastructure and IT support we don’t have to worry as Konica Minolta knows our business and delivers exactly what we need

Olle Westerling

CFO, Elajo Invest AB

Elajo - Unburdening IT with Managed Services

The decision in favour of the long-term partner Konica Minolta for the update of their software and hardware as well as for the assignment of managed network services was just natural. The solutions ensure the new system provides the highest level of security while enabling very efficient and simplified workflows.


  • Internal IT infrastructure and systems including hardware and software grew organically and included a broad variety of vendors and solutions, which made processes and maintenance very time-consuming
  • Increasing need for real time information and connectivity for off-site workers and technicians and linkage
  • Support for IT department in terms of maintenance and updates of software, hardware and network management.
  • Need for unified and more efficient internal information systems and IT
  • Ensuring the security for all company infrastructure and systems


  • Uniform system environment with Office 365 and harmonisation of all software
  • Combining state-of-the-art software (e.g. Clavister firewalls) with latest hardware (e.g. HP switches)
  • Establishment of managed network services including elements such as:
  • Real time monitoring of the complete IT infrastructure and systems
  • Highest level of data security
  • Connectivity packages enabling the seamless and fast integration of new locations into the network


  • Unburdening of IT department to help them focus on supporting employees
  • Higher degree of connectivity and possibilities for mobile work
  • Reliable, fast and highly efficient internal information system
  • Konica Minolta as single point of contact for ongoing support
  • Increased security through real-time system monitoring

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