Network analysis

How to ensure an organisation’s IT network is up to the challenge

The IT network is the cardiovascular system of every business

Whatever the size of a business or industry sector, its IT network is its cardiovascular system. Any disturbances can have critical – potentially business-threatening – implications. Ensuring an organisation is running a suitable network requires experts with the knowledge of IT systems in general and of their actual real-life requirements in order to monitor the network and draw the right conclusions. Continuous monitoring, comparable to a long-term ECG for the network, makes it possible to detect potential problems and flexibly adapt systems to actual requirements. Konica Minolta empowers its customers with a tailored and reliable network – ensuring it is able to fulfil its core tasks as a strong information system of the organisation and its business needs.

The underestimated costs of a sub-optimal network set-up

The IT network is an essential element when it comes to efficiency in the company.

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“Most parts of the organisation, especially those outside the IT department, only become aware of the network’s importance when it is not working as it should. Then it becomes a painful realisation.”

Consequences of running a sub-optimal network:

  • Reduced workforce efficiency
  • Threat to a company’s existence if the system breaks down or is unavailable for an extended period of time
  • Non-optimal networks can drive capital and operational expenditures

One hour of downtime cost of networks

Often, every single minute counts to get the system up and running again to counteract loss of revenue, reputational damage or the loss of customers.

Network optimisation will become even more important in the future because of:

  • Ever more systems, mobile devices and IoT solutions are becoming integral parts of the network, thus increasing the complexity of the network
  • Big data and cloud-based services are further driving complexity and adding to network traffic
  • Applications and data are no longer just present in their own data centre, but also at cloud providers, service providers or on employees’ mobile devices.

Continuous monitoring for an optimised network

Constant observation of the entire network is an important basis to ensure the smooth operation of a company. Ideal is an IT analysis of the network conducted over an extended period captures phases with peak loads as well as other, non-everyday events. The use of cloud applications can also be observed over an extended period. The data is collected automatically, so there are virtually no costs. The long-term, comprehensive monitoring gives enterprises reliable information about the performance and bottlenecks of the systems. 

The right set-up with the right partner

The right partner for your network analysis truly needs to comprehend your organisation’s business and workflows to interpret the results of the monitoring properly and draw the necessary conclusions. They need to consider the critical junctions in the processes. Where will the business evolve and what network resources are needed for this? This ensures that not only monitoring is performed accurately, but also that the outcomes are applied correctly.

Every second organsiation benfits of double-digit cost savings

No "one size fits all" - your individual network setup

With our comprehensive experience in different industries and with various sizes of company, we thoroughly understand the factors crucial for you. We want to know from you what you need or want to achieve with your network. Based on this information, we run our dedicated in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses.

After the analysis of the network we do not leave you alone with the results. Instead, you receive a comprehensible interpretation of the insights and a dedicated action plan with guidance on the outcomes and suggestions for suitable system amendments.

We understand that, in order to be optimal, every network has to be unique, as it has to meet unique challenges. Our approach to network analysis is therefore not ‘one size fits all’: instead, we accompany you on your path to their ideal network setup.

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Whatever the size of a business or industry sector, its IT network is its cardiovascular system. This analogy highlights the paramount importance of its all-encompassing presence in the organisation, with any disturbances being able to have critical – potentially business-threatening – implications. However, also like the cardiovascular system, efficiency in operation is essential. In this case not ‘the bigger the better’ counts, but flexibility and perfect adaptation to tasks at hand.

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