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Protect your data and your business activities

Information technology environments gets more complex every day. No matter what type of business, you're at risk of penetration from external forces such as hackers ('penetration points'), as well as leaks, losses and threats from malware. This is why we broadened our approach to IT security many years ago. Today, we bring you a complete service which spans people, processes and technology.

Technology alone cannot offer enough protection against cyber crime and other security threats. What's needed is a broad view that takes into account all the elements of your business: your people and the digital technology and processes they use each day. Our team brings you the benefit of 18 years of experience and can develop a strategic approach to your security. We'll make sure we add value and give you a transparent and sustainable service with fast response times.

Understand your security situation and needs

Wondering what needs protecting? Not sure what level of cyber security you already have in place? Our computer security services offer you a wide range of analyses, including the segmentation of your network, firewall policy, software, implementation of your printers and copiers, endpoint security and more. This kind of vulnerability analysis will give you a clear view of your security needs. 

'Crash test' your vulnerabilities 

We believe in checking your infrastructure with penetration tests. Like crash tests for cars, these cyber security tests give you a far higher level of certainty and verification. We can offer these 'pentests' in various packages to suit you. They may be outside your organisation or internal, in the shape of employees or visitors. We will give you a detailed report on your computer security situation, together with our recommendations.

Every company is at risk. What will you do when the moment comes? Our Incident Response Team will help you to identify, contain and forensically analyse penetration, including attacks by malware, ransomware or hackers. We want to keep you secure. 

Make sure you are prepared...

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“The question is not whether you are going to be attacked - it is when.”


Cyber security and EU general data protection regulation

Cyber security and EU general data protection regulation

At Konica Minolta we have experience of the wider issues surrounding the use and protection of data. Our experts can advise on compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and identify sensitive data you hold for a user. We have the resource to help you with data encryption and the need to store personal data securely. 

Secure management of your workplace environment

The 'human factor' plays a major role in cybersecurity. We'll help you to build awareness and understanding amongst your colleagues of information security issues. This may involve traditional training sessions about data security, live hacking talks, awareness campaigns using merchandising and other initiatives.

Our close partnerships with information security specialists 

We access a healthy mix of small providers with highly innovative approaches, as well as global players with strong portfolios. Our data security solutions team will help your organisation with every challenge, from proof of concept to training.

IT security

IT security

Comprehensive security management of your workspace environment

Because the “human factor” often plays a significant role in keeping your IT secure, we complement this approach with support in building awareness amongst your staff. This can include traditional training sessions, live hacking talks, campaigns using merchandising, and much more besides.

We also maintain a selected number of close partnerships with a healthy mix of small providers with highly innovative approaches and global players with strong portfolios. Our Professional Services Team will provide you with assistance ranging from Proof of Concept, through Implementation and the Rollout, to Support.

PoC – Implementation, Rollout and Support

PoC – Implementation, Rollout and Support

Incident Response

Readiness for Incident Response, Quick Check, Malware Hunting, Threat Hunting, Health Check, Digital Forensics

Penetration tests

Externally, Single Target on individual basis; internally, Black Team, incl. WLAN and OSINT; internally and externally, Red Team, incl. Social Engineering & OSINT

Weak point analysis and management

Single scans and evaluations, Implementation Vulnerability Management process as a regular scan, and support in evaluation

Awareness campaigns

USB sticks, mailshot campaigns, info-events and training sessions, merchandising, live hacking event

Network analyses

Analysis of network segmentation, firewall policy check, security check on printers and copiers

Be prepared for the future and invest:

Contact us for IT security advice

Contact us for IT security advice

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Konica Minolta offers a full range of cyber security solutions, spanning access control, data security, network security and scanning security. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor the best solution to secure your data and your corporate environment.

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