Smart Label Initiative

Giving the consumer reasons to interact

Welcome to Konica Minolta's work-in-progress web page on "smarter packaging" where new concepts are tested at proof of concept, prototype and pilot stages. Right now, we are concentrating on what value can be added to labels.

Our interest lies in technolology which help consumers interact with packaging in a natural, easy to use way.   If an action or behaviour can be facilitated with the minimum of friction, then it is more likely to be repeated and becomes part of everyday life.

We believe that physical aspects of labels remain important to people.  Our company knows how to print high quality labels digitally, together with enhancements and special finishes to give labels texture.  At the same time, brands of all sizes are looking for ways to communicate more effectively with their consumers.  This may be driven by legislation,  a need driving marketing campaigns or, more frequently about product sourcing and recycling.

A physical label can also help prove that a product is genuine, especially when viewed with an authentication app on a smartphone. This is growing more important as counterfeit products grow in sophistication and the velocity of prouct copying is increasing.

There are many choices ahead facing the packaging and labelling business. This is where we would like to invite you to participate to help shape technology and participate in a pilot which may cover apps, web to print or product integrity.

Smart Label Initiative

Welcome to Konica Minolta's work-in-progress topic on "smarter packaging" where new concepts are tested at proof of concept, prototype and pilot stages. We are concentrating on what value can be added to labels.

An outline of our idea

An outline of our idea

Konica Minolta is running a live research programme which will help define these choices and evaluate the the options.   We are looking for people in specific roles to help advance this work into a prototype which may be tested in the real world as rapidly as possible.  If you are involved with products which need labels, in professional print house or simply a consumer, we'd like to hear from you.  Please select one of the following survey links to add insight the Smart Label Initiative.  Thank you!

Our goals are



icon security

To make product authentication rapid and secure

Sustainability feature icon

To raise awareness and action over recycling packaging

Quality feature icon

Tell product stories in an engaging way

Usability feature icon

To simplify the smartphone application experience

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