Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building and managing meaningful customer relationships

Leveraging the full potential of your business relationships without handling dozens of physical files – with CRM solutions that make the difference

Keeping information up to date is the basis for meaningful long-term customer relationships. Managing a network of customers and partners therefore requires a system that is able to organise all information in the front end for your business. CRM systems from Konica Minolta provide the digital solution for your needs, no matter what the industry or department.

Knowledge is king

Your business network, including the relationships to customers, partners etc., is a priceless asset for your business. Many departments would not be able to perform on the level they could without managing their contacts properly. Sales, marketing and customer service need a reliable CRM system to assist them in managing and addressing their respective contacts accurately and seamlessly.

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“Knowledge is king when it comes to effective customer relations. It is unacceptable to allow information about a customer to be scattered in silos across a company.”

The ideal path to powerful, effective CRM

Our portfolio of CRM solutions is based on Dynamics 365 by Microsoft, which we individually adapt based on your requirements. Our solutions help you to leverage the full potential of your customer relationship management processes to consolidate business in your front end. Any optimal implementation is conducted on the basis of a thorough analysis of the existing information infrastructure and data workflows in order for the CRM solution to be efficiently set up and seamlessly integrated into the pre-existing systems. We ask questions such as:

  • What goals does your organisation seek to reach by introducing a CRM solution?
  • What adaptions and investments will be needed?
  • What return on investment can be expected from a specific solution within the next three years?
  • What new processes will become possible?
  • What return can we expect these new processes to yield?

Such considerations reveal that deciding on a CRM solution is not simply a decision about an IT solution but also a fundamental business decision. It has implications for processes across the entire organisation.

We provide you with business software that integrates all your contacts in one clear solution. With smart functionalities and AI support, you are able to gain insights on your contact groups in order to address them in the best possible way and on a more personal level. By moving your CRM into the cloud, we empower your company with a flexible and scalable technology that is able to grow with your business. As the number of policies for data and cyber security like GDPR increase, the solutions we offer enable your information management to meet all regulations, making your CRM compliant for the future.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)




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Insights on customer purchase behaviour


GDPR compliant

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Improved transparency

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Increased sales performance

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Manual completion of printed forms for later transfer into a database is no longer necessary with regards to mobile CRM

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Triggering actions and providing notifications based on the customer data

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The high value of customer data as driver of business success is indisputable in the digital age. Even so, when it comes to actually introducing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, the case seems less clear-cut in many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

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Success story

Amper Market success story logo

Organised business and perfect customer care are the driving forces behind amper market

Organised business and perfect customer care are the driving forces behind amper market

Amper Market, a.s. in the Czech Republic offers electricity from decentralised, mostly renewable sources. End customers therefore benefit from the low and sustainable cost of power. The company builds on the use of the latest technology that is not only environmentally friendly but also economical. In 2018, Amper Market had a turnover of CZK 4.5 billion and served more than 40,000 points of supply, mainly in businesses and the community sector. Businesses and municipalities are also offered a natural gas supply. The growing amount of customers increased the difficulty of ensuring a high-quality service, because its original technological solution was based on Microsoft Excel calculations. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech implemented a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based CRM solution at Amper Market. It ensures more effective support for the sale of commodity utility products in client acquisition and retention.

The original technologies were no longer sufficient for business processes

Amper Market entered the Czech market in 2011 and utilises electricity from decentralised, mostly renewable sources in the electricity market. The goal that Amper Market had when entering the market was met: Its commercial virtual power plan project has built its position as an energy concept of the future and the present. As awareness of the new concept of energy supply was spreading, the number of potential clients was increasing and the client base was expanding. Such a high number of customers increased the difficulty of ensuring that a high-quality service was provided.

But a personalised approach and care for each client are essential to the business activities of Amper Market. Its original technological solution was built on individual Microsoft Excel-based calculations. It did not, however, allow the user to monitor the opportunities and activities of individual sales persons or to use the central system to gain a solid idea of their business activities.

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From identifying prospective clients to executing contracts

The basic requirements of Amper Market focused on comprehensive support for business processes, ranging from identifying prospective clients (lead management) to acquiring new clients and executing contracts. As a result of the old system, there was no effective process management and quality customer care promoting customer satisfaction. The company management team therefore decided to select a reliable technological solution to support the sale of utility commodity products. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech implemented a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based CRM solution at Amper Market.

With the solution Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech provided a customised technological solution supplemented by effective business management tools. The main features of the implemented solution include extended product administration with information regarding the properties of commodity products. In addition, creating a new structure of price lists or the option to set up multi-level pricing, which is typical for utility products (e.g. peak and off-peak rates for electricity), is part of it. Furthermore, the primary business process and opportunity management using the Business Process Flow tools were set up. All in all, the Microsoft Dynamics 365-based solution ensures more effective support for the sale of commodity utility products in client acquisition and retention and thus meets all required criteria Amper Market demanded.

“Even traditional fields such as power experience major changes and upgrades and we want to be there when it happens. That is why we are committed to keeping track of the latest trends in energetics, as well as in IT communication and energy technologies. Their intense use gives our business a significant added value”, explains Viliam Grácz, Director of Amper Market.

In 2018, Amper Market was incorporated into the Bohemia Energy group. The group took over also the customer care and the CRM solution.

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“Even traditional fields such as power experience major changes and upgrades and we want to be there when it happens. That is why we are committed to keeping track of the latest trends in energetics, as well as in IT communication and energy technologies. Their intense use gives our business a significant added value.”

Viliam Grácz

Director, Amper Market, Czech Republic


  • More effective support for the sale of commodity utility products in client acquisition and retention:
    • Extended product administration with information about the properties of commodity products
    • Creating a new structure of price lists
    • Option to set up multi-level pricing, which is typical for utility products (e.g. peak and off-peak rates for electricity)


  • Personalised approach and care for each client were essential to the business, but:
    • Number of potential clients was increasing
    • Client base was expanding
    • Increased difficulty of ensuring a high-quality service
  • Original technological solution was built on individual Microsoft Excel-based calculations:
    • No monitoring of opportunities and activities of individual sales persons possible
    • No effective process management
    • No quality customer care promoting customer satisfaction
  • Basic requirements for a new CRM solution:
    • Identifying prospective clients (lead management)
    • Acquiring new clients
    • Executing contracts


  • Implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based CRM solution
  • The solution was implemented in one organisation using a sandbox for testing purposes. It consisted of three parts:
    • Dynamics 365 – using the verified BASE and UTILITIES solutions, expanded by specific modifications thanks to customisation and development on .NET
    • Dynamics Portals – a partner portal for connecting external workers (vendors)
    • Integration into the existing systems using Microsoft Flow
  • Scope of installation:
    • Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Edition — 28 licences
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals (Partner Portal)
    • Exchange Online (Plan 1)
    • Microsoft Flow

Success story

BMW Mini Invelt Logo

Managing automotive customer relations effectively in the digital age

Managing automotive customer relations effectively in the digital age

Invelt has been in the market of car sales for more than 27 years. As one of the largest BMW dealerships operating in the Czech Republic, Invelt has a customer base of approximately 8,000 customers, to whom they sell 1,400 vehicles annually and an additional 250 motorcycles. Within the two office locations in Pilsen and Prague, Invelt has a dedicated team of 170 employees. The Prague branch is one of the most modern and cutting-edge car sales centres in Europe. Beyond the classic portfolio from the BMW brand that includes BMW, BMW M, BMW i, MINI vehicles and motorcycles, Invelt is also able to offer customers a unique portfolio of BMW aftermarket products. As an exclusive importer of ALPINA automobiles, Invelt is the sole source in the Czech Republic for the special automobiles from the BMW refinement and individualisation specialist from Buchloe, Germany. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech supports this market-leading car dealership with its Automotive CRM solution to strengthen customer relationships while increasing process efficiency.

Taking customer relationships into the digital age

Invelt is one of the largest car dealerships operating in the Czech Republic. For them, as for any organisation in car sales, one element is more important than anything else for their success: the relationship with customers. This is the core of their business. Hence, improving interaction processes and finding new digital ways in which technology can support this development were high on Invelt’s organisational agenda. Especially in times when paradigms are changing so fundamentally in the automotive industry, sound and reliable customer relationships are a highly valuable asset for dealerships. Therefore, the company set itself the goal of becoming a leader in digital transformation, as they saw potential for improvement in their business within this field early on.

Customers today favour modern ways of communication, start to choose vehicles differently and use the internet for a wide range of purposes, be it concluding contracts or transferring money. “We were thinking of a way to achieve this and we concluded that we need some kind of system to help us know our customers. That system is Automotive CRM”, explains Petr Bauš, General Manager at Invelt.

portrat image of Petr Baus, General Manager, Invelt, Czech Republic
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We are changing, our customers are changing and so is the automotive sector. We think that we must be able to respond to our customer’s expectations faster than in the past. And for us, the Automotive CRM module is a suitable tool that helps us communicate with our customers better and more precisely than before.

Petr Bauš

General Manager, Invelt, Czech Republic

Finding the CRM solution that perfectly suits the organisation and its customers’ needs

In the same way that customers are changing, CRM systems need and will evolve, as new requirements and data have to be recorded, stored and acted upon. Strong partners are necessary for this. They can support by implementing a system that opens up new opportunities, provides new important information and helps to evaluate them. Digital solutions for customer relationship management are becoming ever more important for car dealerships.

At the same time, an increasing number of functionalities need to be integrated according to the specific needs of the customerw. Konica Minolta’s customer-centric business approach, especially in the field of IT services and solutions, makes for the ideal approach to tackle projects such as Automotive CRM.

BMW MINI Invelt - inside view on showroom

Powerful yet invisible for the customer and invaluable for the organisation

With Konica Minolta, Invelt already had a strong, long-lasting relationship. As such, both companies already knew that they think similarly and that they have a matching vision for the Automotive CRM project. They wanted to place the end customers and their needs in the centre of the project, and implemented the new system accordingly. Konica Minolta’s continued support for the customer throughout the complete implementation phase and beyond was what really set apart the project for Invelt. In addition to the online training sessions, which were part of the standard programme, the dedicated on-site support of experts from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech was greatly appreciated.

In fact, this was the main factor why the implementation went so smoothly. The team spent several days at the customer facility and provided all users, who work with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 based system, with support and consulting during the changeover. As a result, any issues that came up, initial questions or the users’ initial setbacks involving their work with the CRM were directly resolved. This procedure also enabled Invelt to collect positive ideas, initiatives and feedback which was directly built on during further development. Despite the extent and the large size of the project, this approach led to a perfect outcome for all stakeholders of the project.

“We have a lot of information about the client, but the client does not feel encumbered by the process. The customers have not registered that we are using a new system”, explains Petr Bauš at Invelt.

BMW Mini Invelt photo of entrance area

Building lasting relationships, not one-time solutions

One key reason for the success of the collaboration between Invelt and Konica Minolta was the very unique approach when it comes to solutions such as Automotive CRM. The solution is developed by Konica Minolta professionals who are highly experienced with data management and, at the same time, accurately take processes and internal requirements within the organisation into account. 

Customers are given the chance to become a so-called co-author of the solution. This is highly beneficial for them, as they are able to implement a CRM solution, which is based on their actual everyday practice and their exact company environment and processes. In the particular case of Invelt, Konica Minolta set up the Automotive CRM solution together with them to create a dedicated solution which fits the needs of this industry perfectly. Together with Konica Minolta, Invelt is already planning the next steps for further implementation of add-ons: dedicated integration of data into the marketing process to steer customer activities better and a reporting tool for management evaluation.


  • Overview of customers’ needs and how the sales professionals address them
  • Multi-brand solution with broad range of functionalities for each role
  • Comprehensive solution to manage vehicles, contacts, leads and sales process connected with powerful marketing module
  • Advanced and flexible reporting capabilities providing rich set of dashboardsand reports
  • Responsive user experience works on any screen size
  • Deep integration with Microsoft Office 365
  • Always runs up-to-date Microsoft platform
  • Integration to Dealer Management System and other backend systems
  • Customisable and extendable solution adapted to Invelt’s specific needs


  • Bringing the company closer to customers in the digital era
  • Linking customer information effectively with data-driven marketing and sales
  • Helping sales to take advantage of technology
  • Customer journeys leading to a vehicle purchase span across multiple communication channels
  • Customers always expect consistent premium care


  • 360° view of customers brings all important data together onto one screen
  • Marketing and sales data is aligned in building one process flow
  • The solution can be run on different devices with always-on data protection
  • Multichannel communication from all the processes collected into one hub
  • Out-of-box solution promotes proactivity by notifications and activity reporting

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