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Why strategic thinkers like Konica Minolta security solutions

IT environments are becoming more complex and capable all the time. As they evolve the possibility – or probability – that your company will come under cyber-attack. In today´s IT world, it becomes clear that technology alone no longer provides an adequate level of protection, interaction between people, processes and technology is becoming more necessary than ever. If you would like to ensure your company is completely secure, then Konica Minolta is the partner for you. The company’s expertise and sheer breadth of experience means it can gain a unique overview of all your activities when defining the solution that’s right for you. Our experts will analyse your IT security requirements and work with you to design a concept for your total security. So ask yourself this: do you know your company is protected against today’s cyber-attack – or are you hoping so?

Across-the-board digitalisation has brought the companies of today a vast range of new benefits that would have been thought impossible just a few decades ago. Digital measures have the power to increase a company’s productivity, reduce its costs, improve product and service quality, and more. 

There is a twist, however, to this technological leap forward. Companies nowadays are being forced to make their IT environments more secure than ever before, and the challenges involved are increasing every year – due to the complexity and growing volume both of systems and of the techniques used by criminals to attack them. 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are being hit by cyber-attacks particularly hard by this trend. In the modern business world, it doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational or a small business, indeed: the question is no longer if you will be attacked, so much as when.

So is your company protecting itself effectively? To do so, you will need to take a strategic approach to your IT security. In the absence of such an approach, your company will lack the transparency and reaction speed necessary to deal with an attack, and be unprepared for an emergency. A strategic approach lets you increase your cyber-security using exactly the right measures. 

Konica Minolta’s services include comprehensive network analysis, including segmentation, firewall rules, implementation of your printers and copiers, and further analyses. A regular and sustainable vulnerability analysis also creates clarity about the condition of your attack surface.

Make sure you are prepared...

IT Security

IT Security

Comprehensive security management of your workspace environment

Konica Minolta’s wide range of IT security solutions provides comprehensive security management of your workspace environment, including the provision of security software. Our service ensures systems are constantly monitored for potential security threats, and protected by the deployment and management of appropriate security software.

PoC – Proof of Concept, Implementation, Rollout and Support

(Accellion, Aerohive, Cisco, Contechnet, Forcepoint, macmon, McAfee, MobileIron, netwrix, SEPPmail, Sophos, Thycotic) (Indirekt Tenfold, Radar Services)

Incident Response

(Readiness for Incident Response, Quick Check, Malware Hunting, Threat Hunting, Health Check, Digital Forensics)

Penetration tests

(Single Target external individual, Black Team internal incl. WLAN and OSINT, Red Team intern & extern incl. Social Engineering & OSINT)

Weak point analysis and management

(Single scans and evaluations, Implementation of vulnerability management process as regular scan and support for evaluation)

Awareness campaigns

(USB sticks, mail campaigns, info events and training courses, merchandising, live hacking event)

Network analyses

(Analysis Network Segmentation, Firewall Rules check, Security check of printer copier)

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Find out how we can tailor the best solution for you

Find out how we can tailor the best solution for you

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Konica Minolta offers a comprehensive range of solutions spanning access control, data security, network security and scanning security, with functionalities varying from one device to another. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can tailor the best solution to help you secure your data and corporate environment.

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