YSoft SafeQ

Keeps printing and print costs under control

Corporate environments generally need an accurate overview of printing operations and costs in order to meet budgets and keep the cost of printing down. Also, most educational and public organisations as well as companies with project-based work want to charge printing costs back to individual users. For all these needs, YSoft SafeQ Print Management is the perfect answer and ensures the advanced transparency that’s required. As a viable tool for comprehensive user and cost management, SafeQ provides central user and role management, facilitates cost assignment and chargeback, includes budget and quota management capabilities, and supports detailed output and cost reporting.

YSoft SafeQ workflow

YSoft SafeQ

YSoft SafeQ

Central user and role management

  • Centralised user management
  • Permission templates
  • Centralised authentication management

Cost assignment and chargeback

  • Print accounting and monitoring
  • Automatic tracking
  • Tracking of third-party devices
  • Individual price calculation
  • Flexible cost allocation
  • Monitoring of local printers

Budget and quota management

  • Easy budget assignment
  • Periodic budget reset
    • Cash desk reload
    • Self-service reload
    • Credit card reload

Detailed output and cost reporting

  • Web reports
  • Management reports
  • Export of report results
  • Automated reporting

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Success Story: Inter Mailand

Inter’s printing and document scanning infrastructure has been fully upgraded to improve organisational efficiency, create a collaborative working environment and foster a “smarter” way of working. Around 40 of the very latest MFPs have been installed in the new headquarters and sports centres.

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soccer player in a blue jersey hits a ball
bank St. Petersburg headquarter

Bank Saint Petersburg success story

Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest bank in Russia's North-West region. Konica Minolta implemented an end-to-end solution for printing optimisation

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BMW success story

By providing the BMW Group with an integrated solution for modernising their printing infrastructure in a global collaboration, Konica Minolta helped to fulfil their high demands in sustainability and digitalization. A dedicated Global Customer Service team was set up to support BMW Group in 44 countries with printing solutions to optimize processes, implemented systems and over 11,000 installed devices. With Konica Minolta, the BMW Group is able to save resources while at the same time enhance

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BMW Headquarter
arquia banca success story header image

Arquia Banca success story

In order to optimise printing within the company, Arquia Banca has invested in Konica Minolta’s YSoft SafeQ 6, with the aim to unite its main office and branches via a centralised system. “By implementing YSoft SafeQ 6, which is a print accounting software, we have been able to optimise printing. It has made us realise that we really needed to improve our processes”, said Jaume Esteve.

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