Success formula: Measure customer satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score is the product of a single question and a simple formula. Find out here how even SMEs can...


The customer relationship management workbook: the recipe for customer loyalty

Capture the hearts of your consumers with well-thought-out CRM. Our workbook shows you how to establish and maintain...


A cashless society in a few years’ time: is your company ready?

A cashless society will soon be a reality. Very soon. In Sweden, that time may come as soon as 2023. We investigate...


Tourism in Portugal: how the country has reinvented itself

When the troika* came to Portugal in 2011, 13% of hotels still didn’t have a computer or website – an astonishing...


Customer journey map: Understand customers, acquire new customers

What does it feel like to buy things from you? A customer journey map reveals what it is like for customers to shop...


Buyer persona: do you know your customers?

Target groups play a central role in marketing. We show you how you can address your customers in a more targeted way...

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