5 business continuity tips in the face of disruption

Many organisations have recently found themselves scrambling to keep business running as usual while ensuring their...


Digital agriculture: how Dutch farmers use precision farming for floriculture

Tulips are an important export article for the Netherlands. In order to remain successful while acting sustainably...


The future of work: what companies need to know today

The labour market is already influencing the future of work. The Job Wizards explain the latest trends and reveal...


Data scientists: how SMEs can turn data into sales

Data scientists use digital data to develop new business models in real time. Their skills are now essential in...


Corporate responsibility: manage sustainably and ensure a bright future

When companies act sustainably, they have two major advantages. They remain competitive and they reduce costs. Read...


Digitisation 2020 – a vision

Looking at the digitisation of our working life in future, one thing seems certain: even more integration of...


A toast to the digital transformation of the renewed winegrowing industry

The digitalisation of Spanish wineries is moving forward at good speed and has set its eyes on precision winegrowing...


WhatsApp Business – talk to customers in the same way as friends

WhatsApp has developed a business app specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to significantly...


From local to international via digital

There are three ways of opening up business areas that don’t begin on a company’s own doorstep: taking the initiative...

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