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Health protection during the corona pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses a huge danger to many people. Protecting them must be a top priority. The next step is also to maintain business continuity by avoiding sick leave.

Intelligent cameras can contribute to the health of employees, but also to the health of the general public who cross public, high traffic areas  such as stations, airports, etc.

Be it body temperature measurement, mask detection or detection overcrowding, intelligent video solutions detect anomalies and send immediately an alert so that relevant personnel can take immediate action. Waiting times at the entrance to premises for instance can be shortened, contact reduced and the health of employees and guests in an organisation, company or generally in public areas protected. In addition, it also saves on surveillance resources.

Intelligent video solutions help increase safety by…

Body Temperature Measurement

Intelligent video solutions can recognise people with raised body temperatures and are thus able to indicate the signs of a possible infection early. When individuals pass through the camera’s field of view in offices or other facilities, their thermal images are analysed and any elevated body surface temperature exceeding a specific threshold is identified.

Mask Detection

Another possible application in terms of health protection is the question of whether all the safety rules are being adhered to. Intelligent video solutions can check that face masks are being worn.

Detection Overcrowding

A last potential application is that intelligent video solutions can also inspect crowds of people.


Würth is ensuring business continuity through body temperature measurement

The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the sale of assembly and fastening materials. At the beginning of the pandemic, they decided to invest in a MOBOTIX camera to measure the colleagues’ body temperature at the entrance. Besides the easy-going installation and the software harmonisation with the entry system, the device enables fast entry in the building with the automatic measurement.

Body temperature measurement for pupils at PRIMUS school

PRIMUS Private Primary School and Private Secondary School are two schools run by the PRIMUS Foundation, operating since 1992 and located in Warsaw, Poland. At the beginning of the school year they decided to invest in Konica Minolta`s intelligent video solution systems to make the body temperature measurement possible at the entrance for all of the students, employees and visitors.

How does Body Temperature Measurement work?

The foundation of Body Temperature Measurement is Thermal Imaging Technology. Learn more background information and technical details about this technology in this infographic.

MOBOTIX Infographic Security COVID-19

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