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Many organisations and companies were strongly affected by COVID-19. From one day to the other employees needed to work from home. This caused many issues as they were not prepared to deal with the sudden changes: Difficulties in accessing the IT infrastructure like from the company workplace is only one example. As a result, work processes came to a standstill.
We help you get back on track quickly and smoothly through a range of different digital workplace services and solutions.
On this page you will find some tips and insights to master the current situation.

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Have a look into our 5 top tips to leave the challenges behind and restart your business now at full speed again by keeping your users productive in the face of disruption.



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Our Konica Minolta experts provide you with lots of knowledge, different approaches and food for thought when it comes to the challenges companies are currently facing.

Learn about:

  • Why mindset and company culture are key to success
  • What steps you need to take to ensure business continuity
  • Which technologies are relevant in these times

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