Konica Minolta wins Grand Award of Counter Global Warming Report in the 19 th Environmental Communication Awards

| 13 April 2016

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) has received the Grand Award of Counter Global Warming Report (Japanese Environment Minister’s Award), a grand prize in the category of Environmental Report, in the 19 th Environmental Communication Awards. The award was given in recognition of the superior quality of Konica Minolta’s CSR Report 2015 and Environmental Report 2015.

The award was originated to honour outstanding environmental communication efforts by industry, governments and consulting firms to convey their important environmental messages. Konica Minolta attempts to diminish environmental impacts by reducing energy, CO 2 , water and resources and annually reports its environmental initiatives in the CSR Report and Environmental Report. By honouring its efforts with the Environmental Minister’s Award, Konica Minolta is recognised as a company which aims to become a sustainable global company vital to society.

Awarded open and responsible resource management
With the CSR Report and Environmental Report Konica Minolta shows responsible resource management. The jury explains: “The reports offer information on the progress of Konica Minolta’s efforts to achieve its medium-term goal of reducing CO 2 emissions by 40% by fiscal 2016, as a milestone toward the attainment of the company’s long-term goal of reducing CO 2 emissions by 80% from the fiscal 2005 level by 2050, thus allowing readers to have a clear understanding of how Konica Minolta has contributed to preventing global warming.”

About the Environmental Communication Awards
Hosted jointly by the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum, the Environmental Communication Awards are designed to publicly recognise outstanding reports on environmental issues and environmental activities, thus motivating businesses to adopt environmental management practices and promote environmental communication, and enhance the quality of environmental information to be disclosed.

Further information about Konica Minolta’s corporate social responsibility

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