Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe: First year of research activities

| 30 September 2016

In September 2015 Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe (KMLE) opened in Brno, Czech Republic. Within this first year of activities, the European Research and Development (R&D) centre of Konica Minolta has taken the first steps to demonstrate the value of research and innovation applied to the digital workplace, healthcare, sensors and information automation, and business technologies.

KMLE has a broad portfolio of research interests and activities and its ultimate objective is to exploit the results achieved in different research areas to develop integrated solutions that lead to the generation of new products and services. Currently, the main research areas are: Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and Wearables, Internet of Things, Networking and Sensors, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Systems.

One year of Konica Minolta R&D in Europe

Current research at KMLE is a transformative process that improves and develops products and services in the smart systems and digital workplace domains whilst keeping our customers’ needs as a focus of all development activities.

“We test new ideas through experiments, POC and prototype demonstration” says Matej Dusik, R&D Strategy and Technology Manager at Konica Minolta R&D center in Brno. “The results of our activities provide Konica Minolta with the baseline for the development of new solutions”.

From Augmented Reality to Artificial intelligence: KMLE successful results

Among the different activities in which KMLE have taken part in the last months it is worth mentioning the “KMLE-King’s Hackathon 2016”: a coding marathon for fusing visual and tactile information to create a fully immersive experience of augmented reality. The first Hackathon organized by KMLE and the 5G Tactile Internet Lab of the Centre for Telecommunications Research at King’s College London took place from 5 to 9 September 2016 in London. 

Moreover, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe has supported the AI Summit, the world’s foremost event covering the practical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enterprise organizations and solutions that are transforming business productivity. With a keynote speech by Dennis Curry given at the event that took place on 28-29 September in San Francisco, Konica Minolta demonstrates how AI can bring additional value to digital workplace concepts. More information about the AI Summit is available at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/konica-minolta-ai-summit-san-francisco-29th-elisabetta-delponte?trk=pulse_spock-articles

Next steps

Leveraging on close collaboration with BIC Europe and other research centres located in Tokyo, Japan, and in San Mateo (San Francisco), USA, KMLE will take advantage of the most advanced technologies to support new business opportunities driven by innovation and customers’ needs. By the end of this year, a second KMLE centre focusing on healthcare technologies will open in Munich, Germany.


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