Konica Minolta defends its market leadership position in Europe

| 16 July 2015

According to the new market figures from the research institute infoSource, based in Switzerland, Konica Minolta could again successfully defend its leadership position in the European office colour A3 and production printing market in the 2014 fiscal year . With 21.2 percent market share and over 141,300 colour A3 multifunctional systems (MFP) sold as well as a 33.8% market share and over 6,200 production printing systems sold, the company ranks Number One in Europe once more. However, the company’s focus on hardware sales is diminishing while continuously evolving into an IT services provider striving to build out its Managed Services portfolio.

Office challenges such as Big Data and rapidly rising unmanaged content, strong demands on the part of companies for operational efficiency, an increasingly mobile workforce and growing information security changed the point of view of Konica Minolta. Today, the company possesses enormous expertise and excellence in those fields, having the right portfolio down pat. Having started 2010 with Optimized Print Services (OPS), focusing on the efficiency of print infrastructure and related processes, the company has succeeded in 2014 with Managed Content Services (MCS) in order to support capturing, distributing and managing of information and contents with respect to the growing data and information flood.

"The goal is to establish Konica Minolta as a Managed Services provider in the B2B market in Europe over the next few years and to raise its profile primarily as a leading provider in this respect," emphasises Ikuo Nakagawa, President of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. "Instead of selling our products, our business analysts and consultants go to the customers and consult on their business processes to come up with the right solutions."

Furthermore, Konica Minolta will build out its portfolio for Marketing Print Management (MPM), offering customers on-demand printing capabilities of marketing collateral and Managed Marketing Services (MMS) enabling customers to outsource their marketing activities. The cornerstone for that was laid by the acquisition of Charterhouse, UK, in 2012.

"By delivering the different service lines – OPS, MCS, MPM and MMS – we will be successful with our shift to a global service-orientated business process management provider to both office and production printing customers. To meet this goal, we have launched at the start of 2014 fiscal year our new medium-term business plan, entitled ‘TRANSFORM 2016’, which means we are undergoing a radical transformation process. This transformation is set to continue and develop over the next few years, with the program finishing in fiscal year 2016", Nakagawa closes.

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