Find all data from one point of access with Konica Minolta’s dokoni FIND

| 29 July 2015

The flood of enterprise data is greater today than ever, making it more difficult for knowledge workers to find information. Searching for specific documents can result in the considerable expense of wasted time and manpower. This inefficiency can reduce a company’s competitiveness. Konica Minolta’s dokoni FIND brings all relevant data together and gives office workers fast and easy access without switching between applications.

dokoni FIND automatically generates a universal index of the company’s connected data stores (both structured and unstructured) and is compatible with 300 popular file formats. Regardless of the format or the repository it is stored in, dokoni FIND abstracts content from disparate sources and helps users find and retrieve any type of data quickly and easily.

The flexibility of dokoni FIND enables the universal index to be accessed within SharePoint, Outlook, on IOS and Android devices or from the dokoni FIND interface on the desktop. Workers can retrieve email attachments, scanned files, notes, CRM records, and more in seconds. Dokoni FIND inherits enterprise security to ensure users can access only the information they are authorised to see, and all data is left exactly where it is stored.

“dokoni FIND lets you work the way you always did – only faster. No more wasted time looking for information, no more data silos and no more complex project implementation, because the application offers you fast, one-click retrieval of your searched content. A single access point helps you to find and recall all relevant files on-premise or mobile and will transform the way your organisation deals with data,” concludes Olaf Lorenz, General Manager International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe.

To develop and launch dokoni FIND, Konica Minolta worked in partnership with the software provider VirtualWorks. This company, which is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, develops, sells and supports software products that enable small and medium-sized businesses to organise, locate and manage their information and data. “We are delighted to partner with Konica Minolta to enable powerful enterprise discovery,” said Erik Baklid, CEO, VirtualWorks, “dokoni FIND provides critical understanding and access to the enterprise knowledge base allowing organisations to become more efficient, agile and intelligent.”

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