Faster and more secure legal document management with Konica Minolta’s bizhub Legal 2.0

| 2 October 2017

Legal firms have different, very specific requirements when it comes to document management solutions. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe is offering a range of dedicated data management solutions for lawyers and notaries. One of them, the newest version bizhub Legal 2.0, integrates various new features to benefit the users even more, particularly with regard to user management, usability and speed.

Governmental regulations for data security and storage in legal environments are becoming increasingly strict and complex. And as law firms are liable for the confidentiality of their clients’ data by law, there is no room for error in data management. Hence, specific document management services in combination with suitable office hardware to fulfil legal regulations are necessary. Additionally, finding, accessing and processing the complete case-related information quickly is crucial for early case evaluations and are therefore essential for the firm’s business success.

Konica Minolta has a wide range of offers for law firms: this includes solutions for multifunctional devices, professional services and IT infrastructure management as well as safe cloud services and mobile printing.

Expanded functionality of bizhub Legal 2.0

bizhub Legal 2.0 can now be used as a stand-alone solution or purchased through the marketplace app for direct product download. The changes and enhancements made to bizhub Legal focus on an increase in speed, flexibility and usability. With the latest 2.0 version, the administrator can now set up distinct profiles for each user and connect those profiles with specific access rights. In this way, ownership identification of documents, traceability of changes and an additional layer of security are added to the revision-proof system.

With bizhub Legal 2.0, Konica Minolta is introducing functionalities, which directly address the usability needs of customers. An increase in processing speed, a fast and easy transition from paper to digital documents and vice versa – while maintaining the highest security standards – is vital for business performance. As for all its IT services and products, Konica Minolta also makes the seamless integration of existing legal software, capturing solutions and cloud services, such as the bizhub Evolution, possible with bizhub Legal. With bizhub Evolution, lawyers have access, for instance, to direct translations of scanned documents directly from the MFP.

The functionality of bizhub Legal 2.0 builds on years of experience in serving legal companies and on extensive research by Konica Minolta into the requirements of legal practices in Europe. In developing its solutions, Konica Minolta collaborated with law firms in different European countries.

About Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH, based in Langenhagen, Germany, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., Tokyo, Japan, forming part of its Business Technologies business area. As a leading global services provider in the field of IT- and document processes as well as digital production printing solutions the company excels in services-led business consulting, implementation and management and provides a range of world-leading printing systems and solutions. In this context, Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services concept (OPS) combines consultancy, hardware, software implementation, and operation in order to enhance business process efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To support customers optimally with powerful and sustainable solutions, technology leader Konica Minolta continuously invests in research and development work and regularly sets new standards. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe is represented by subsidiaries and distributors in more than 80 countries in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With over 9,700 employees (as of March 2017), Konica Minolta Europe earned net sales of over EUR 2.4 billion in financial year 2016/17. 

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