Digital output management for the corporate environment

| 2 June 2015

With PlanetPress® Connect from Objectif Lune (OL), Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe (Konica Minolta) introduces the perfect output management tool for corporate environments. PlanetPress® Connect offers a comprehensive toolbox for every step of a communication workflow and facilitates the native creation of fully personalised business communications for a wide variety of output types.

In an age characterised by information overflow, users expect instant access to information on the device of their choice. Medium-sized businesses that are looking to include digital output into their communication without investing in expensive upgrades PlanetPress® Connect is the right choice. The application provides an ideal solution for any corporate output environment charged with the creation and distribution of varied business communications and documents. Invoices, statements, purchase orders, delivery notes and letters are examples of the type of transactional documents that are easy to create and process with PlanetPress® Connect.

Independent of systems and hardware compatibility and with full automation capabilities, the Connect Suite facilitates creating fully-personalised business communications for a wide variety of output types natively, including print, HTML email and web, Best suited for corporate output as well as IT and system integration markets, PlanetPress® Connect comes with a choice of add-on options, enabling enterprises to grow and expand their output management solution with evolving business needs.

"We are including the OL Connect Suite into the Konica Minolta software portfolio to pave our customers’ way to multi-channel communication. The intelligent combination of specific channels is rapidly gaining importance for enterprises that want to reach new customer groups – this is an essential move to adapt to changing market environments," outlines Achim Ricks, Production Printing Applications Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe.

With PlanetPress® Connect, the first module of the OL Connect Suite is now being launched, to be followed by a second module, PrintShop Mail Connect. "Once both modules of the Connect Suite are fully available, this means we offer our customers the perfect toolset to participate in a growing market base," concludes Achim Ricks.


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