The Language Of Light


The Language of Light

The Language of Light

Light is essential for the perception of color, vital to visual information. Accurate measurement or specification of lighting is crucial in many industries: ensuring heritage isn't damaged by excess light, providing enough light for safe driving or for performing complex or detailed work.

Konica Minolta produce a range of light measurement equipment and resources to help you accurately measure light. The Language of Light booklet provided below details the terminology and the techniques used to measure light including: Illumiance, luminance, CRI, CCT etc. The booklet also signposts the kind of instrument recommended for different lighting tasks. If you have a specific question you can contact your local specialist using the contact us section of the website.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Concepts
  • 3. Instrumentation
  • 4. Conclustion
  • 5. References


Datasheet, PDF (3.9 MB)