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Drupa themes – How you can See the Potential to shape future success

Are you ready to see how highly automated industry redefining technologies brought together at drupa 2024 will ignite printing possibilities and shape future transformation?

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The largest printing industry showcase will explore how next generation end-to-end solutions and workflows deliver responsive, versatile print in a timely, efficient, and sustainable way. Don't miss this event to discover effective and innovative solutions for your daily challenges in the following areas:

Industry 5.0

Increasingly emphasis is being placed on creating an environment of collaboration, support, and guidance that, in line with Industry 5.0, puts the well-being of people at the heart of the production process. Technologies, innovations and services are being developed to enhance workplace operations while maintaining a focus on solutions to help motivate and provide a happy working environment. Also, the use of intelligent production can support resilience and sustainability through the efficient use of resources.

For Konica Minolta, this involves developing unique digital printing systems and solutions to realize richer and more efficient production by allowing humans and machines to work hand in hand and help each other. It is achieved by pursuing automation, labour-saving, and skill-less operations throughout production of the entire process including post-press and service and software solutions. These reduce human touchpoints, particularly important in times of skilled labour shortages

Programmatic Printing

One of the ways this will be demonstrated at drupa is with Programmatic Printing. It takes variable data production to the next level - AI-generated content can be added to applications for totally targeted content created for individuals who provide basic information such as their name, age range and where they live. Highly tailored experiences can be created by hyper customization that combines human expertise with smart machines, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data.

State-of-the-art presses, intelligent algorithms and database technology enable programmatic personalisation and, by integrating the print channel into the marketing automation software, the effort involved in planning and implementing print campaigns is reduced.

Robotics and Automation

Completely automated lines are increasingly being developed to create a streamlined operation that relies less on skilled employees. They can also help manage repetitive tasks and eliminate human touchpoints. At drupa 2024, Konica Minolta will present its vision powered by Artificial Intelligence, a state-of-the-art WebShop and never-before-seen use of robotics and software solutions – including major steps forward in remote service engineering.

Advances in areas such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Augmented/Mixed Reality, Big Data and Cyber Security will also be explored. drupa 2024 visitors will be able to see how these will impact the print industry.

Analogue to digital

The unstoppable shift from analogue to digital continues and is expanding into most print-for-profit applications as highlighted in the 9th drupa Global Trends report. It stated that globally the digital adoption – printers claiming more than 25% of turnover in digital – has grown from 26% in 2014 to 29% in 2023. Various industry sources also showed volumes had grown significantly since 2014 even though the digital adoption rate appears to be slowing down. This is particularly so for labels and packaging.

Important too, is the production of high-value, high-quality printed materials, efficiently with minimal environmental impact. A wide range of business scopes will be demonstrated from commercial printing to label printing, packaging, and industrial printing including textiles, and as products and solutions.

Aiming to ignite printing possibilities this year at drupa, as an exhibitor Konica Minolta will be showcasing its vision of digital transformation in the print room of the future. It will focus on the efficient use of digital equipment - whether it's toner or inkjet - and specifically highlight print automation at the event, as well as e-commerce opportunities.

Print on demand sustainability

At drupa Konica Minolta will also show how digital technology and digitalization empowers printing on demand with user-friendly systems instead of “printing for the shelf”. An example of Konica Minolta’s “sustainability by default” will involve using recycled paper for all the print-on-demand brochures and other marketing materials produced on-demand at drupa 2024.

Printing materials only when you need them is a very sustainable process that reduces waste. An extension of this is that Konica Minolta will not be taking printed materials to the Düsseldorf trade fair for the first time. Instead, any of the Konica Minolta product sheets or other marketing materials can be ordered on a big display board allowing visitors to order on demand. Everyone can book samples at a kiosk made in real time when it is needed. Within seconds any request will be printed on the automated lines running live on the booth that will be operated from the viewpoint of a big printing factory demonstrating the value of print in a highly automated way.

To explore these themes, and more, and to discover how your operation can respond to them, join us at drupa 2024 trade show, Messe Düsseldorf exhibition centre, Hall 8b, May 28 to June 7, 2024.
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