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Finding documents, files and information has long been an enterprise challenge — one that only gets harder as information volumes expand exponentially, and we're faced with increasing quantities of unstructured data as organisations move towards more digital ways of working.
Our enterprise search solution, dokoniFIND, helps you gain control over your structured and unstructured data and use it to the full.
As intuitive to use as any familiar web search engine, dokoniFIND enables you to search all your connected repositories via a single access point and retrieve documents and files in hundreds of formats. In this way, it helps you transform distributed, fragmented and hard-to-manage data into a knowledge base that delivers insights and information to support decision-making and action. It also helps to mitigate the risk of organisational knowledge being lost when employees leave.

Empower your people with knowledge discovery

The new version of dokoniFIND marks a new milestone in functionality. It combines established enterprise search features with smart tools that let individuals review found documents and work on them — by adding annotations and notes, organising them by category or adding documents chronologically to a timeline, exporting them to various formats, and more.
These capabilities transform dokoniFIND from a simple search tool into an Insight Engine that provides organisations with knowledge discovery.
Enterprise Search: dokoniFIND provides instant access to all relevant data from a single search interface — even when data is 'hidden' in email attachments, scanned files; or held in CRM records and cloud apps — without having to switch from one application to another. Its OCR technology makes document content fully searchable, enabling deep search that goes beyond file names and metadata.

Document Management: Once a user has run a search, they can review the retrieved documents using the preview functionality in their preferred display; and even run a separate search within the document preview window. A range of tools allows users to review the previewed documents and work on them by:

  • Adding annotations and notes — for example, to highlight important sentences, paragraphs or images for future reference
  • Using tags to save time by organising and categorising documents for quick and easy retrieval and immediate access to data from previous document reviews
  • Adding found documents to a chronological timeline chronologies. This timeline feature lets users reorganise search results chronologically based on the date and time of events described in the documents, rather than by the document creation date and time.

Knowledge Management: Using dokoniFIND, reviewers can curate the knowledge held in documents and files so that subsequent searches surface key insights faster. If a document collection needs to be triaged or reduced, dokoniFIND makes it easy for reviewers to mark which documents and data are relevant for a particular use case, and which are not. This, combined with the ability to organise documents chronologically (described above), enables users to gain a much more powerful understanding from their information.
Easy, efficient search and navigation. dokoniFIND provides search refiners so that users can retrieve and navigate relevant data with ease. The wide range of refiners includes file types, extensions, location and so on. The latest dokoniFIND goes the extra mile with advanced NLP (natural language processing) extraction. So all proper names, locations and organisation names are extracted from the text of all the documents, and made available as search refiners.
GDPR and Reporting Module: This add-on module enables dokoniFIND Insight to support GDPR compliance by creating reports based on all indexed data. This is especially useful when you need to find and document files and data that contain personally identifiable information (PII). Data Protection Officers can then collect the data and create reports showing any documents where PII has been exposed.

dokoni FIND Insight FOR GDPR brochure

The first step to compliance is getting control of your data. dokoni FIND Insight allows you to create reports based on all the data that you have indexed with the dokoni FIND platform. The data can be stored in a variety of source systems like your Fileservers, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint or your CRM, ERP and more.

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Simplified IT

  • Non-disruptive deployment. Leave data where it is. No messy conversion, integration, migration or custom coding required. dokoniFIND can find and retrieve files in hundreds of formats in connected repositories, wherever they are, in real time.
  • Real-time indexing. dokoniFIND keeps your index up to date in real time.
  • Easy scalability. Start small and scale fast to any volume of files and data, and any number of users, without custom development or integration time.
  • Integrated security. The application complies with whatever security scheme you already have in place, and ensures users can access only the content they're authorised to see. dokoniFIND comes fully integrated with Active Directory or Azure AD support. So if a user’s security rights change, dokoniFIND is automatically updated.
  • HTTPS by default. Puts you in control of user IDs and enables more secure authentication.
  • Always up to date. You benefit from continuous releases and automatic upgrades, so you'll always be using the latest version of dokoniFIND, and any required security patches will be applied promptly.

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dokoniFIND: Retrieve data from a single point of access

The comprehensive enterprise search and indexing application dokoniFIND helps users access the information they need, independent of the format or repository it resides in. Working from a single point of access across all applications, it abstracts content from disparate data silos and captures it in a secure common index, instantly showing all results a user is authorised to access. You just have to know what you are searching for and not where to search for it.



Searching with dokoniFIND

  1. Search for Expertise. Easily search through CVs, cover letters and any correspondence with HR or employment candidates.
  2. Search for Delivery Receipts. Easily search for delivery receipts while Accounts Payable verifies invoices for payment.
  3.  Search prior RFP responses. If you have to bid for work or respond to an RFP, quickly find answers provided in earlier proposals.
  4. Search image files. Photographs, screenshots, drawings and other image files (e.g. CAD, PDFs) that contain text are easily searchable.
  5. Search for personal or sensitive data. Using dokoniFIND’s personal data extractors, immediately identify if any personal data that resides in a data set. This includes driving licenses, credit card numbers, passport numbers, etc. *Optional, this requires a customized installation by our professional services.
  6. Search for best practices and templates. Files marked as best practice examples or standard form templates can easily be identified using dokoniFINDs tagging functionality.
  7. Find and review litigation or due diligence documents.
  8. Search email attachments. Easily find information that was never downloaded and filed. Plenty of information resides within employee email in-boxes.​​​​​​​
 Quickly identify all documents and correspondence relevant to a customer complaint or legal enquiry.

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The more unstructured data you store, the longer it takes to search. The right enterprise search solution can help.

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