Fleet Remote Monitoring & Management: optimise your print devices

Run your fleet more efficiently with centralised control

Monitoring and managing your fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs) and printers can put your IT administrators under pressure. Everyone counts on MFDs and printers to work when they need them, but ensuring that happens takes time, skills and knowledge.

Device settings have to be applied, devices must be managed in line with your organisation's security and other policies, and you need to keep on top of device errors or alerts that need resolving. All of that can be challenging for administrators if they have to monitor a wide range of devices individually without the help of remote access or remote monitoring software.

Konica Minolta's Fleet Remote Monitoring and Management (Fleet RMM) is a cost-effective, user-friendly web application that collects and centralises information about your MFD fleet to simplify all those tasks and deliver additional benefits. And because the software is installed in your network environment without the need to communicate with cloud services, it meets any security-related requirements your organisation may have.
Designed to improve monitoring and management of Konica Minolta MFDs and printers, Fleet RMM:

  • Integrates thousands of device settings into a single RMM tool, enabling remote rollout of identical settings to multiple devices at the same time
  • Provides a built-in dashboard that gives your IT administrators a centralised real-time overview of the fleet, including key information such as the number of devices under management and device counter values
  • Delivers status notifications that allow proactive device management and prompt issue resolution, helping to ensure a smooth-running device fleet that supports individual productivity and organisational performance

Customer benefits

Konica Minolta's Fleet RMM tools help your IT administrators keep your Konica Minolta devices up and running more efficiently and effectively. Remote fleet management and monitoring system features include:

Customised dashboard

Enables at-a-glance remote monitoring of devices using graphs and other visualisations. The dashboard can be customised and installed on multiple PCs so that admin tasks can be shared.

Smart filters, tags and groups

Fleet RMM can automate discovery and grouping of devices. Depending on your needs, you can additionally create groups using filters (such as model name), create device hierarchies within groups, and tag devices to provide additional view options for even more effective remote fleet management.

Efficient bulk setting templates

You can create templates for efficient remote rollout of settings to multiple devices simultaneously. Templates can be based on criteria such as device type or location, and rollout can take place immediately or at a scheduled time.

Special user management

You can register users with different access and security levels; or certify them using your existing Active Directory information.

Individual role management

You can assign and manage roles to control individuals' usage of Fleet RMM functions.