Enabling Carbon Neutrality

The CO2 calculator below lets you calculate your potential emissions savings:

Climate Protection with SampleCompany Ltd.

Move the slider to get a comparison of your carbon emissions.

t CO2

The amount corresponds to ...

... kilometres driven with a passenger car
... wash cycles (60°C)
... the yearly CO2-capture of beech trees
... the production of pairs of running shoes
... the production of kilograms beef (raw)
... the melting of square metres summerly ice in the Arctic
... economy flights from London to New York
... the yearly carbon footprint of average global citizens

Zuiderzeemuseum success story

The museum decided to join forces with Konica Minolta to create a sustainable document management system by using the Enabling Carbon Neutrality service

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Success Story: Inter Mailand

Inter’s printing and document scanning infrastructure has been fully upgraded to improve organisational efficiency, create a collaborative working environment and foster a “smarter” way of working. Around 40 of the very latest MFPs have been installed in the new headquarters and sports centres.

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