Nassenger SP-1e

Single-Pass Technology realizes ultra high speed printing



Principal Features

Nassenger SP-1

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    Cutting-edge Technology

    extremely reliable single Pass:
    - nozzle compensation:
    - colour compensation:
    - automatic nozzle cleaning:
    - Print head alignment: Alignment of all the print heads is carried out automatically thanks to the CCD camera

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    Single Pass technology

    single Pass technology enables the NASSENGER SP-1e to achieve high-definition printing on textiles at a higher speed than traditional printers.

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    New print heads

    NASSENGER SP-1e uses cutting-edge modular print heads. Our nozzle-control technology allows the drop size to be adjusted on a number of levels.

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    Simplified access to the print units

    Easier maintenance makes for increased productivity. Replacing the print head is simple
    and does not call for any expertise.

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    Touch panel and remote commands

    The touch-screen panel makes for intuitive visual usage. Settings, production adjustments and remote maintenance can all be carried out via tablet.

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    Konica Minolta High Density Inks

    Konica Minolta inks offer the utmost reliability and colour yield.
    Reactive, acid and disperse dyes are available in up to 8 colours. The inks have been designed to harness the utmost performance of the print head and printer. They are the result of the experience of Konica Minolta, a unique one-stop provider of proprietary technology in the digital textile printing market.


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Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads

Product Name NASSENGER SP-1
Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
Printhead KM water based inkjet printhead module
Colors 4 colors 6 colors 8 colors
Number of modules 96 modules 108 modules 144 modules 162 modules 192 modules 216 modules
Printing width 1,600mm 1,830mm 1,600mm 1,830mm 1,600mm 1,830mm
Ink Reactive dye ink Yellow,ExtraMagenta,Cyan,Black,Orange,Blue,Pink,Gray,Sky
Disperse dye ink Yellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black,Light Magenta,Light Cyan,Light Black,Red,Violet
Printing Mode Ultra High Speed 720×360 6,400m2/h
High Speed 720×540 4,300m2/h
Standard 720×720 3,200m2/h
High density 720×900 2,500m2/h
Operating Environment
/ humidity condition
Mechanical Operating Condition 15~30℃ 40~70%RH
Color certifing condition of reactive dye ink 20~28℃ 40~70 %RH 
Color certifing condition of disperse dye ink 20~28℃ 60~70 %RH 
Dimensions(L × W × H) L 16,150 × W 5,435 × H 2,540(mm)
Weight Print Unit Approx. 820kg × number of colors
Transport Unit Approx. 4,700kg
Power supply Main Controller AC Three Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz 125A
Image scan Unit AC Single Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz 10A *Supply from Main controller
Transport Unit AC Three Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz 60A
*Details set out are current as of November 2015.
*The product specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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