Light and Display Measurement Devices

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Konica Minolta develops and produces high-end light and display measurement technology that is indispensable for the manufacturers of consumer electronics, (AR/VR) displays, μLED wafers, VCSEL/laser systems, automotive lighting and LED/SSL modules. Our measurement solutions benefit from high-precision spectroradiometers, widely recognized and in use worldwide. In combination with 2D imaging colorimeters, integrating spheres and goniometer systems, highly precise and accurate measurements from UV to IR can be performed with traceable results to PTB or NIST.  

Our main portfolio covers test systems in display production lines, optical testing of μLEDs on a wafer and in modules, quality control for AR/VR devices, efficient characterization of IR sources (NIR LED, VCSEL).  Display color analyzers help test display performance and quality in examination and adjustment of white balance and contrast, by precisely measuring chroma, brightness and balance.  

We also offers an extensive audit portfolio covering various areas of application as system auditing, audit for cameras & spectrometers, and LED calibration standards. 

Display Colour Analyser
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    Display Analyser system for Chromaticity Luminance, Flicker and Gamma   

    Enhanced accuracy & repeatability with high-speed

    Accuracy guaranteed from low to high luminance

    Designed for implementation...





T-10A / T-10MA / T-10WsA


CS-150 / CS-160

LS-150 / LS-160


CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

ProMetric I-Series

ProMetric Y-Series

AR / VR Measurement Solutions

CAS series of Spectrometers

Imaging colorimeters & IR testing cameras

Photometers & colorimeters

Goniophotometers for LED/SSL

Goniophotometers for displays

ISP series of integrating spheres