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  • Door Panels Check System
  • Instrument Panels Control Solution
  • Multi Error Proofing Inspection for Headliners
  • End of Line Tunnel System

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Multi Error Proofing End of Line

EINES Vision Systems offers a variety of solutions for checking parts quality, such as doors, instrument panels or headliners for automotive manufacturers. Its simplicity and flexibility enable high customization based on customers’ needs.

  • Presence/Absence of Parts

    The solution controls the parts’ location and ensures any component is left.
  • Surface Defects

    The part is visually inspected, and the defects are immediately shown to the operator and stored for traceability.
  • Component Check

    It is an integrator of various component checking: electronic devices, lightning or decorative inserts, colour recognition, relative measurements and so on.
  • Electrical Check Out

    The system uses the ECOS application (Electrical Check-Out System) to measure voltage, consumption or resistance for each electrical or electronic device.
  • Ergonomics Analytics

    Real-time Human Pose Recognition based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to improve the operator’s ergonomics.
  • Pick & Place

    Sensors guide the operators. It enables control of the pick-up of parts for proper assembling.


Small Footprints

Flexible & Customisable

User Friendly & Ergonomic

Cost Effective & Low Maintenance​

Traceability & Executable Actions

Reporting & BigData​

Inspection Capabilities

  1. Ambient Light Colour / Intensity
  2. Tweeter
  3. Lock / Unlock Button
  4. TIB Light
  5. Armrest Light
  6. Middle-Toner
  7. Armrest Button
  8. Trunk / Fuel Buttons
     9. Panel Light / Logo Projector
   10. Safe Led
   11.Speaker Foam
   12. Nar Crash
   13. Screws / Clip / Fastners
   14. Decorative / Insert Parts
   15. General connection / Harness



Door Panels

EINES® Door Panels Check system analyses every door in a customised way. The system can accommodate different models and easily connects with any platform and database. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, any defect can be detected according to the customer’s needs.

Instrument Panels

EINES® Instrument panel check system checks several points, such as the presence or absence of parts, colour recognition or relative measurements in all kinds of instrument panels. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the customer can customise the types of defects required to be inspected. Also, the system follows defect traceability to provide statistics to find the root causes and improve assembly quality.


EINES® Headliners Check System is a workbench capable of performing a visual inspection. It can check several different models without changing tools. First, the operator is guided in assembly operations, then, the part is visually inspected, and the defects are immediately shown and stored for traceability.



Human Machine Interface

The feedback is immediately provided and improves the operators’ actions:
   All visual and electrical elements at a glance
   Detailed views of the defect
   Electrical test results

Inline Tunnel-based System

The flexibility of the system allows it to adapt to any type of line. The Multi Error Proofing Tunnel-based system has a small footprint and parts move trough in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or other means of transport.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the system can learn by itself, making it possible to:
  • Analyse operator’s movements and study their ergonomics
  • Learn any kind of defect and part model
Also, with its Deep Learning Model, the operator is guided through the assembly process to get a perfect part and save time. The defects are stored to find the root causes and encourage continuous improvement.

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