Portable Spectrophotometers

A portable spectrophotometer is a device that allows the operator to repeatably and traceably measure the colour of a product or material in a consistent way. By measuring energy at wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum, a spectrophotometer allows the user to express the colour of, or colour difference between, one or more objects without subjectivity. This is essential in asking suppliers to provide a specific colour of material or ensuring that the products look the way that the producer or customer expects.

Digital colour data fulfils many functions across virtually all industries. Using digital colour data, organisations can be precise when communicating or specifying colour for their products (rather than asking for pale dark brown or apple green). Colour data also allows the operator to easily quantify the difference between a production sample and the digital colour standard rather than relying on subjective human observers to perform visual colour assessments.

Portable spectrophotometers are well suited to quality control tasks due to their ease of use and built-in display that can provide instant feedback or pass/fail judgements. The size and versatility of a handheld device also enables the operator to use the instrument on-site with suppliers or customers to help troubleshoot or resolve disputes.

Konica Minolta Sensing produce a range of portable spectrophotometers to ensure best performance for all applications,
  • Sphere type spectrophotometers (CM-700d, CM-26d)
  • Angular illumination spectrophotometers (CM-25cG)
  • Multi angle spectrophotometers (CM-M6)
  • Spectrophotometers with included 60 gloss sensor (CM-26dG).

Each portable spectrophotometer available from Konica Minolta Sensing can be used independent of a computer to measure colour and colour difference in commonly used colour spaces (such as L*a*b*) or indices (including Whiteness or Yellowness). Alternatively, customers can operate the instrument with digital colour data software for colour matching, analysis, or reporting.

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CM-26dG / CM-26d


    Portable Spectrophotometer

    Wavelength range 360-740 nm

    d:8° Sphere Geometry

    Simultaneous SCI / SCE measurement

    2 Apertures SAV / MAV

    UV calibration




CM-700d / CM-600d