Compact U-arm solutions

  • Space saving solutions
  • Easy to install
  • Selection of console software
  • Selection of Flat Panel Detertors
  • Reliable x-ray systems




AeroDR UXE (changing SID) and AeroDR UX (fixed SID) are U-arm x-ray systems, easy to operate and designed to provide maximum flexibility and clinical productivity for general trauma, chest, urology, abdomen and emergency applications, allowing for AP/PA, lateral and oblique projections.

  • Space saving solutions

    AeroDR UXE/UX solutions are compact U-arm systems that can fit into small rooms which ceiling or floor mount systems can not fit. So you can save from the space in your clinic/hospital.
  • Selection of console software

    AeroDR UXE/UX solutions can be configured with one of Konica Minolta powerful softwares depending on the needs on site. Konica Minolta console softwares help to increase image quality and workflow.

        • Advanced image quality
        • Realism image processing algorithm
        • Intelligent Grid
        • Tube / Gauze visualization
        • Lung Lack / Motion Blur
        • Manual stitching
        • Statistic tool

        • All in one console
        • Acquisition-Workstation-Storage
        • Mini-pacs features
        • Bone suppression
        • Orthopedic measurement tools
        • Backup tools
  • Easy Installation

    Compact AeroDR UXE/UX have only few modules that can be installed easily and quickly compering to other type of x-ray systems.
  • Easy to use

    Vertical column, swivel arm, SID change and bucky angulation movements can be done easily simply pushing the related button. System can be positioned easily for standing or moving table exams.
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    Selection of FPDs

    AeroDR UXE/UX solutions allows to choose flat panel detectors according to the needs along with console software selection.

    Glass-free panels
        • Unique features decreasing drop risk
        • Unique features increasing workflow
        • Long-lasting antibacterial exterior material
        • Unique grip design
        • Lightest weight panels
        • Quickest charging panels
        • 100 microns
        • Aero-storage

    AeroDR NS panel
        • Economical solution
        • AeroStorage

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Movement – Vertical Manual
Movement – Angulation Manual
Movement – SID Manual Fixed - 140cm
Movement - Bucky tilting Manual N/A
Movement - Tube rotation Manual N/A
Xray Tube 140 KHU
Generator 40 / 50 kW
Generator Console 15" touch buttons
Software CS / ImagePilot
Detectors AeorDR3 1417 SL
  AeorDR3 1717 HL
  AeroDR3 1012 HQ
  AeroDR NS 1417
Optional items
Stretcher 200x65x70 cm
Generator upgrade to 150kvp

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