Digital Mobile X-ray System

  • World’s First Mobile Xray System with Wireless Dynamic Imaging”
  • Comfortable Operability to Support Exposure Workflow
  • Compact design with a width of 540mm
  • Collapsible Column
  • Tube Head Display
  • Detector Bins with Charging Function
  • Anti-Collision Sensor
  • Inching – Fine Positioning
  • Unique AeroDR Flat Panel Detectors
  • Realism Image Processing



Comfortable Operability

  • Easy to move thanks to its sensitive handle and fine positioning

  • Speed limitation for safety and security without compromising fast operation

  • Convenient operation thanks to its large 19-inch screen

  • Maximized flexibility with its telescopic arm and compact design

  • Multi-function X-ray system for dynamic and static images for cost and workflow effectiveness

  • Up to 300 images acquired over 20 seconds creates a “cine-loop”



AeroDR TX Key Features

The AeroDR TX digital X-ray system enables hospital personnel to perform digital diagnoses wherever is needed, from the patient room to the operating and emergency room.

  • Touch feature icon

    Touch-sensitive handle for movements

    Simply touching the handle unlocks the device for easy movements. When not in the parking position or when backing up, the device automatically limits the speed for safer and more secure use. The height of the handle can also be changed.
  • Support for fine positioning movements

    The motion control switch on the top of the handgrip allows the user to move each wheel independently, supporting fine positioning movements.
  • Four-step Telescopic Arm

    Touching the handgrip releases the electromagnetic brake, allowing the user to move the column and arm. The arm can be extended up to 1,220 mm and the column can be rotated up to 317° to cover a wide exposure area.
  • Second Screen on Head-Assembly

    A touch-panel second screen located in the Head- Assembly enables the user to check and change exposure conditions to achieve efficient workflow. The distance between the X-ray tube and subject can also be automatically measured and displayed.
  • hc_feature_compact_icon

    Compact design with a width of 540 mm

    With its compact size, this unit can be easily moved to any location, including ICUs, wards, and operating rooms.
  • Adopts a large 19-inch screen

    A large 19-inch touch-panel screen makes it easy to see acquired images and to use the touch screen. It also features at-a-glance battery level display and keyless entry using a numeric keypad.
  • Cabinet equipped with detector charging function

    Cabinets are placed at the front and back of the main unit to hold a total of three detectors, enabling automatic power supply to the detectors by simply loading them. In the parking position, the arm serves as a locking mechanism to prevent theft (1417/1717 size).
  • Anti-Collision Sensor

    An anti-collision sensor can be installed to support safer operation. (Optional)

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
X-ray Generator 20 / 32 / 40 / 50 kW
X-ray Tube Capacity : 300kHU
Focal Spot : 0.7/1.3mm
Target Angle : 16°
Options Magnetic Support for gloves box
Magnetic Support for gel bottle
Smart RFID Card (Secure ON/OFF)
IR Remote Controller
Anticollision Proximity Sensor
Barcode Reader
DAP Chamber
Focal to Skin Distance Measurement
Backup Cable
DDR Software
Detectors AeroDR System2 1417HQ (P-51)
AeroDR System2 1417S (P-52)
AeroDR3 1417HD (P-61)
AeroDR3 1717HD (P-71)
AeroDR3 1012HQ (P-81)
AeroDR3 1417HD2 (P-65)
AeroDR3 1717HD2 (P-75)
Dimension (WxDxH) 540 ×1220 ~ 2520 ×1290 ~ 2230mm
Weight 520 kg

Brochure AeroDR TX

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