Foldable Mobile and Portable X-ray

  • Lightweight mobile
  • Easy to move everywhere
  • Portable x-ray for mobile applications
  • Selection of console software
  • Selection of Flat Panel Detectors




AeroDR MPX (including AeroDR PX) portable X-ray unit is an equipment designed for general radiography in hospitals, clinics, radiology imaging centers and medical practices. It is suitable for taking diagnostic radiographic exposures of the skull, spinal column, chest, abdomen, extremities, and other body parts in intensive care units, emergency rooms, radiology departments and physicians’ offices. It is also usefull for mobile application and also for veterinary.

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    Lightweight Cart

    AeroDR MPX can be moved it around easily with lightweight design, only 55 kg.
  • Foldable Cart

    With foldable front wheels feature Mobile cart can be loaded easily into the van or any other transportation vehicle to move it for mobile applications.
  • Selection of console software

    AeroDR MPX/PX solutions can be configured with one of Konica Minolta powerful softwares depending on the needs on site. Konica Minolta console softwares help to increase image quality and workflow.

        • Advanced image quality
        • Realism image processing algorithm
        • Intelligent Grid
        • Tube / Gauze visualization
        • Lung Lack / Motion Blur
        • Statistic tool

        • All in one console
        • Acquisition-Workstation-Storage
        • Mini-pacs features
        • Bone suppression
        • Orthopedic measurement tools
        • Backup tools
        • Veterinary application
  • Laptop Tray

    Makes it easy to move laptop with the mobile system and ensure the security of the laptop when the system is not used.
  • Transportation Case

    Portable x-ray can be moved to anywhere with the transportation case easily.
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    Selection of FPDs

    AeroDR MPX/PX solutions allows to choose flat panel detectors according to the needs along with console software selection.

    Glass-free panels
        • Unique features decreasing drop risk
        • Unique features increasing workflow
        • Long-lasting antibacterial exterior material
        • Unique grip design
        • Lightest weight panels
        • Quickest charging panels
        • 100 microns
        • Aero-storage

    AeroDR NS panel
        • Economical solution
        • AeroStorage

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
  4 kW 8 kW
kVp 40-125
Freguency 300 kHz
mA 5-100
time 1-10.000 ms
mAs 0.1-250
APR 20
Focal spot 0.5/1.8 0.6/2.7
KHU 47 40
Red Laser optional
Power cord 6 m
Exp. cord 3 m
Line input 100-240 VAC 220-240 VAC
Weight MPX 56 kg – 65 kg (with PX)
Weight PX 15kg
Optional items
Table on wheels with fixed table top (stretcher), dimensions 200x65x 70 cm.
Laser option for the collimator of the portable x-ray unit
Laptop support tray
Transportation case aluminum with wheels and ramp for PX
Dose/area meter vacudap
Folding support on wheels for PX

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