Compact Floor Mount X-ray Solution

  • Customizable configurations
  • Reliable x-ray system
  • Auto-tracking
  • Automatic collimator
  • Tube head display is standard
  • AEC is standard
  • Manual stitching
  • Glass-free flat panel detectors
  • Realism image processing




AeroDR FX is modern, compact and functional design floor mounted xray solution for high performance. With high precision handling and positioning it helps to optimize results in primary care rooms, specialized care centers or emergency rooms. Premium acquisition console with advanced image processing gives super image quality. High quality and robust flat panel detectors are ideal for all environment for long term use.

  • Customizable configuration

    Helps to define the x-ray system according to the needs on site
    • Auto-tracking / Manual movement
    • Automatic / Manual collimator
    • 50kW / 65 kW power
    • 300 KHU / 400 KHU tube
    • Elevating / Fixed table
    • AEC standard
    • Choice of FPDs
  • Realism

    This is core of image processing algorithm produce super image-quality increasing diagnostic capabilities with several software options.
    • Intelligent Grid
    • Tube / Gauze
    • Lung Lack / Motion Blur
  • Glass-free panels

    Having several unique features decrease the drop risk and increase the safety. Durability of these panels decrease the panel replacement rate and make them very ideal for all conditions:
    • Long-lasting antibacterial exterior material
    • Strong – 400 kg surface load
    • Unique grip design
    • Lightest weight panels
    • Quickest charging panels
    • 100 microns
    • Aero-storage
  • Tube head display

    It is standard with AeroDR FX systems. Exposure parameters can be controlled on this screen. It increases the workflow on site and helps to complete the exposures quickly.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Auto-tracking Standard N/A
Generator 50 / 65 kW
X-ray tube 300 / 400 kHU
Automatic collimator Standard N/A
DAP Standard Optional
Elevating table Standard Fixed
15" Gen.console N/A (integrated) Optional
Tube head display Standard
AEC Standard
Software CS7
Detectors AeorDR3 1417 SL
  AeorDR3 1717 HL
  AeroDR3 1012 HQ
  AeroDR NS 1417
Optional items
Head support for table
Overhead hands support for wall bucky stand
Compression Band for table
Hand Grips (pair) for table flat table top
Hand Grips for wall stand
Lateral Cassette Holder up to 35x43 cm for table
Lateral Detector Cassette size on trolley with wheels
Lateral Detector Holder movable on tabletop
2 Steps for climbing to the table
IP-BARRIER Vertical stand for stitching
External Dose area meter VacuDAP 2004
Integrated Dose area meter VacuDAP 2004. cable 15m
Double foot pedal for other side of the table
Base plate for wall stand installation to floor (A8824-01)
Control Handle for table Top
Wall Bracket for Spare Grids and Detectors
Wall Bracket for Spare Grids

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