Sonimage MX1
Sonimage MX1
Sonimage MX1

Sonimage MX1 Platinum Veterinary

Portable Ultrasound for Animal Care

  • Suitable for Veterinary applications
  • High Accuracy / Diagnostic Confidence
  • Real Ease of Use
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • L18-4 and HL18-4 Wideband Frequency Linear Transducers
Sonimage MX1
Sonimage MX1
Sonimage MX1




  • iXRET® - eXtended Resolution Enhancement Technology

    Konica Minolta's original image processing technology achieves improved resolution of ultrasound images acquired with fewer acoustic lines while suppressing artifacts, which have been an issue with conventional real-time performance enhancement techniques. From received signals obtained by scanning low-density ultrasonic beam, it is possible to get signals equivalent to the received signal at twice the scanning density without losing real-time.

  • T²HI® – Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging

    Konica Minolta uses a unique waveform control algorithm in the generation of its harmonic signals. This technology, implemented on Sonimage MX1, enables the system to balance penetration and resolution, guaranteeing clarity and homogeneity through the whole image, from the very shallow to the deeper areas

  • Vascular NAVI®

    Vascular NAVI is designed to improve the vascular ultrasound workflow by significantly reducing operating steps of Color/PW Doppler and blood flow volume measurement. It automatically sets various parameters and blood flow volume can be measured easily with the automatic assistance of blood vessel wall detection.

  • Dual Sonic Technology

    Konica Minolta uses a unique algorithm, enabling the transmission of two waveforms, according to the focusing depth. In combination with T²HI®, Dual Sonic forms the high quality of THI signal around the center of the ultrasound beam in the receiving area, resulting in a suppression of the acoustic noise and optimal image from deep to superficial.

  • Enhanced Mobility

    With its 4,5 Kg weight (including battery), Sonimage MX1 Platinum is very versatile and can easily suit different clinical environments and workflows. It can be paired with a suitcase or backpack which make patients visits on site very comfortable. The 2 Hours Operation capability enhances the added value of Sonimage MX1 Platinum in the Veterinary environments.

  • High Accuracy / Diagnostic Confidence

    The imaging and its quality are at the base of any reliable diagnosis and accurate procedures. Sonimage MX1 offers real diagnostic confidence and high accuracy in combination with a very compact and portable design.

  • Intuitive Operation

    Sonimage MX1 implements a very straightforward interface, based on the combination of a simplified console and touch screen. The most frequently used functions are easily at reach through the simplified console, while other functions can be managed intuitively via the touch screen. The whole interface (on the touch screen and on the knobs) can be configured and customized, according to the application and the specific requirements of the customer.

  • “Made in Japan” Ultrasound Transducers

    All Sonimage MX1 probes are proudly designed and manufactured in Japan, by Konica Minolta. The Multi-Layer Technology as well as the quality of the materials used in the transducers contribute to the image quality, which is appreciated by the users at every scan.

  • Multi Parameter Adjuster

    MPA is a new unique function implemented by Konica Minolta on the Sonimage line, aiming to enhance the ease of use of the systems. This function automatically adjusts imaging parameters, guaranteeing the optimal visualization in different scanning conditions.

  • SNV Simple Needle Visualization

    SNV is a unique Konica Minolta tool supporting interventional procedures under ultrasound-guidance. Enhances the needle and its tip, so you can see it more clearly. Supports both in-plane and out-plane approaches. Seeing the needle tip clearly enables safer and more efficient procedures.

Sonimage MX1 Platinum

Real Point of Care Ultrasound



Sonimage MX1 Platinum

The high performance and workflow of SONIMAGE MX1 Platinum are supported by the following technical solutions:

  • 3THI

    T²HI® Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging

  • Quality feature icon

    Dual Sonic Technology

  • hc_feature_feather_icon

    Real mobile Solution – 4,5 Kg including battery

  • Customization

    MPA Multi Parameter Adjuster

Sonimage MX1
  • hc_feature_battery_icon

    2 Hours Operation Capability

  • SNV

    SNV Simple Needle Visualization

  • Manage all your campaigns in one portal

    Customizable touchscreen with just 5 buttons

  • Quality feature icon

    Designed and Made by Konica Minolta in Japan

    Ultrasound transducers proudly Designed and Made by Konica Minolta in Japan

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Scan method Convex, Linear, phased array
Scan mode B, M, Anatomical-M, Color, Power Doppler, SCF(Simple Clear Flow)*, PW, CW
Monitor 12.1-inch IPS monitor
Dimension W320mm x D64.5mm x H302mm
(excl. projection part and when putting both back-stand/handle back)
Power consumption AC100V, 50/60Hz, Max. 150VA
Weight Approx. 4.5kg
Battery-powered ・Approx. 1hour (single battery)
・Approx. 2hours (dual batteries)

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