Simple workflow Veterinary table

  • Ergonomic design
  • Very robust system
  • Veterinary user interface
  • ImagePilot software with mini-pacs capabilities
  • AeroDR NS flat panel detector




AeroDR VX is a digital X-ray system, designed specifically for veterinary purposes using medical technology. This model contains the highest performance available in the market. It has powerful high frequency generator with 32 kW power. It includes an APR-Single Touch console, a workflow feature which enable the x-raying of any kind of animal in few steps.

  • AeroDR NS panel

    • Economical solution
    • AeroStorage
  • Simple Workflow

    Few clicks are enough to complete the exam.
  • Floating table top

    Just by sliding the table top it is easy to position the patient versus flat panel detector accurately.

  • Foot pedal exposure switch

    It makes easy to take exposure while keeping the animal on the table.

  • ImagePilot console software

    • Vet interface
    • All in one console
    • Acquisition-Workstation-Storage
    • Mini-pacs features
    • Vet orthopedic measurement tools
    • Backup tools

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Generator 32 kW
KvP 40-125
mAs 0.1-630
mA 10-400
Xray Tube Rotating Anode (1.0/2.0mm)
Time 0.001 - 10 sec
Power input Line Powered / Capacitor Assited
Table height 76 cm
Table size 150cm x 80cm
Optional items
Medical grade collimator (rotation feature included)
Medical grade collimator + rotation feature included + red laser cross line
Four ways floating extra long table-top (180 cm)
Four ways floating extra long table-top (200 cm)
30 cm table-top extension
Hand exposure swith -3 meters cable length - rj45 connector
Hand exposure switch - 15 meters cable lenght - rj45 connector
Foot exposure switch covered/protected
Longitudinal hooks - one set of two pieces
Transversal hooks - one set of one piece

Brochure AeroDR VX

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