AeroDR NS/SL for veterinary

Convert analog imaging to Digital

  • Digital images
  • Increasing diagnostic capabilities
  • Increasing workflow
  • Decreasing maintenance cost
  • Space saving



VET Retrofit

Konica Minolta offers several retrofit kit options including veterinary. You can convert easily your analog imaging to Digital with Konica Minolta retrofit systems. You can have advantage of digital images. You can increase your diagnostic capabilities and your workflow in your clinic.

  • Digital Images

    Having digital images gives you a lot of advantages. You can store the images as needed and you can share images with others for different purposes.
  • Increasing Workflow

    Converting your imaging to digital helps you to complete the exposures quickly so it increases your workflow and also increases your revenue.
  • Increasing Diagnostic Capabilities

    Realism image algorithm gives you super image quality. Using the tools with the console software. You can adjust the images to see what you want.
  • ImagePilot software

    • Veterinary interface
    • All in one console
    • Acquisition-Workstation-Storage
    • Mini-pacs features
    • Vet Orthopedic measurement tools
    • Backup tools
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    Selection of Flat Panel Detector

    AeroDR NS panel
    • Economical solution
    • AeroStorage

    AeroDR3 1417 SL
    • Glass-free
    • Unique features decreasing drop risk
    • Unique features increasing workflow
    • Long-lasting antibacterial exterior material
    • Unique grip design
    • Lightest weight panels
    • Quickest charging panels
    • IPX6 water protection

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Scintilator CSI
Pixel size 150 μm
DQE %40 (1lp/mm)
Pixel matrix 2304 x 2800 (14x17)
Battery Performance 210 images / 5.9 h
Charging time (empty to full) 3 hrs
Weight 3.6 kg with battery
AeroDR3 SL 1417
Scintilator Glass-free + CSI
Pixel size 100 μm (200 μm can be selected)
DQE %59 (1cycle/mm) / %72 (0cycle/mm)
Pixel matrix 3488 x 4256 (14x17)
Exterior Surface Carbon SMS - Antibacterial - Long Lasting
Battery Performance 147 images / 4.1 h
Surface load capacity - distibuted 400 kg
Durability MIL-STD-810G Military dropped test
Water resistance IPx6
Charging time (empty to full) 15 mins
Weight 1.8 kg with battery

Brochure NS Veterinary

Brochure AeroDR3 SL GIF Portable

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