AeroDR X90

Premium Fully Motorized Digital X-ray System

  • Ergonomic design
  • Smart and Easy to use system
  • Fully motorized
  • Auto positioning
  • Auto tracking
  • Auto Stitching
  • Unique AeroDR Flat Panel Detectors



AeroDR X90 Key Features

Auto-positioning X-Ray system

  • Ergonomics & automation

    The AeroDR X90 contains a large tube head display with patient information, image preview and easy adjustment of the X-ray parameters. The table with smooth floating table top, flexible table height and a tilting wall stand makes AeroDR X90 an opti- mal ergonomic solution for patient and operator.
  • Smart and easy to use

    Auto positioning together with floating table top and adjustable Wall stand, makes patient positioning easy. This will create a comfortable environment for both patient and operator. Good viewing angle of the tube display and a user-friendly interface supports easy review of information and quick changes to support a smooth work flow AeroDR X90 in combination with Aer- oDR flat panel detectors makes it easy for the user to switch between different type of exams.
  • Intuitive workflow

    The graphical User Interface of the AeroNAV acquisition software allows you to easily navigate your workflow by using user-friendly screen layouts and simplified automated workflow. In addition, the software includes various measurement and administrative tools.
  • Best Image Quality

    For Radiography professionals who demand the highest level of confidence, the AeroDR HD has an astonishing pixel size of only 100μm! It allows you to enlarge microstructures to conduct precise analyses required for extremi- ties, pediatrics and other specialties where image details and dose efficiency are vital to diagnosis.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
DETECTOR AeroDR HD 1012 AeroDR HD 1417 AeroDR HD 1717
Dimensions 282 x 333 x 15 mm 384 x 460 x 15 mm 460 x 460 x 15 mm
Weight 1,5 kg 2,6 kg 3,2 kg
Pixel Matrix 2.456 x 2.968 3.488 x 4.256 4.248 x 4.248
Image Preview < 2 sec < 2 sec < 2 sec
Cycle Time 5 sec / 5 sec (wired / wireless) 6 sec / 7 sec (wired / wireless) 6 sec / 7 sec (wired / wireless)
Battery Performance - 100µm / 200µm 145/165 exposures - 3,9/4,5 hours 251/309 exposures - 6,9/8,6 hours 217/276 exposures - 6,0/7,6 hours
Charging time 20 min or less 30 min or less 30 min or less
Max. load 400kg (entire imaging area) 400kg (entire imaging area) 400kg (entire imaging area)
Waterproof IPX6 IPX6 IPX6

Desktop PC Lenovo Thinkstation P230
Operating system Windows 10 PRO 64-bit
Processor Intel I5
Internal RAM 16GB RAM
Hard drive 1 512GB SSD
Hard drive 2 2TB HDD
Media CD/DVD burner
Display liyama 22“ ProLite T2235MSC
Monitor screen size 23.8" (604mm) touchscreen
Monitor resolution 1.920x1.080 Full HD
Image Preview Less than 2 sec.

GENERATOR Standard Option
Output 65kW 80 kW
Exposure voltage 40 to 150 kVp  
Tube current 10 - 1000 mA  
Exposure time 1 ms - 10 s  
mAs 0.4 -1000 mAs  
X-RAY TUBE Standard Option
Type Varex A-292 Varex G-292
Max kVp rating 150 kV 150 kV
Nominal Anode input power 40/100 kW 40/100 kW
Small focus 5.4 A (exposure) / <=2.5 A (stand by) 5.4 A (exposure) / <=2.5 A (stand by)
Large focus 5.4 A (exposure) / <= 2.8 A (stand by) 5.4 A (exposure) / <= 2.8 A (stand by)
Focal spot sizes 0.6/1.2 mm 0.6/1.2 mm
Anode heat storage 300 kJ (400 kHU) 445 kJ (600 kHU)
Anode angle 12° 12°
Filtration No filter | 1mmAl+0.1mmCu | 1mmAl+0.2mmCu | 2mmAl+0,3mmCu |
Shape of the radiation field Square field multilayer
Lamp LED
Rotation angle ±90°
Center marker Center of the radiation field is indicated by a cross
Bucky light Radiation field center is indicated by a laser beam for positioning
Beam limiting method Manual mode or Automatic mode
Rotation ceiling (beta) >340°  
Rotation tube arm (alpha) >±135°  
Column (Z stroke) 1750 mm  
Tube Head Display 12.1 inch  
  Low speed Max speed
Speed Z movement 60 mm/s  
Speed X movement 250 mm/s 500 mm/s
Speed Y movement 250 mm/s 500 mm/s
Speed α movement 16° /s  
Speed ß movement 16° /s  
Bucky movement (50 kg max) 166 mm/s 350 mm/s
Movement 6-way
Operating method Motorized
Patient load (Dynamic load center) 300 Kg
Lowest table top position to floor 550 mm
Vertical stroke 380 mm
Al equivalent 0,9 mm
Table top dimension 2424 mm x 850 mm
Table top X-Ray transparent area 2400 mm x 613 mm
Table top thickness 21,5 mm
Length of table top stroke, X direction ± 600 mm
Length of table top stroke, Y direction ± 150 mm
Movement range of the detector >850
Movement range of the imaging unit (bucky) 770 mm
Movement of the imaging unit (bucky) Motorized and manual
Vertical stroke 1580 +10/-10
Operating method Motorized and manual
Tilting angle -20° / -90°
Speed Z movement 200 mm/s
Balancing mechanism: Counterweight
X-RAY Grids  
Interspace material Al
Cover material Al or Carbon
Grid density 40, 52 lp/cm
Grid ratio 10:01:00 AM
Focusing distance 40 lp/cm: 115cm, 150cm, 180cm
  52 lp/cm: 110cm, 140cm, 180cm
OPTIONS Description
Vertical collision protection Added table safety
Table hand control Hand control for adjusting collimator settings
Table Foot Control Foot Control X, Y, Z.
Table foot control (kick list) Foot Control (strip type) for release of brakes for the floating table top.
Table wireless foot control Up/down of table top and release of brake for floating table top
Wall stand wireless foot control Motorized up/down of wall stand detector and release of brake for manual vertical movement.
Form pad large – head (25x24.5x9 cm)
Form pad medium – wedge (50x28x10/1 cm)
Form pad small - rectangle (25x24.5x9 cm)
Wall stand tilt (Motorized) -20°, 0°, 90°
Patient Lateral armrest  
Patient mattress, Basic 2200 x 690 mm, t = 25 mm
Patient mattress, Comfort 2360 x 600 mm, t = 30 mm
Table Patient handgrip  
Lateral cassette holder  
Compression belt cost effective  
Compression belt high-end  
Minimum room size (LxWxH) 4000 mm (X-rail) x 4000mm (Y-rail) x 2700 mm
DETECTOR AeroDR HD 1012 AeroDR HD 1417 AeroDR HD 1717
Detection method Indirect Conversion Indirect Conversion Indirect Conversion
Scintillator Csl (Cesium Iodide)
Pixel size 100µm by default, can be set to 200µm to save storage space
Inside Access Point Yes (Aero Link)
Inside Memory Up to 100 images (Aero Storage)
Weight 1,5 kg 2,6 kg 3,2 kg
Battery Type Lithium Ion Capacitors
External dimensions (LxWxH) 282 x 333 x 15 mm 384 x 460 x 15 mm 460 x 460 x 15mm
Charging time 20 min or less 30 min or less 30 min or less
Image area size 245,6 x 296,8 mm 348,8 x 425,6 mm 424,8 x 424,8 mm
Auto Exposure Detection (AED) Available (AeroSync)
- Point load 180 kg @040 mm
- Surface load 400 kg @ effective image area overall
- Water resistance IPX6 including power cell
- Drop resistance MIL-STD-81OG
Housing material Carbon Monocoque Design
Communication Dedicated wired Ethernet connection / Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/n (1) compliant)
Cycle time Ca. 5s (wired) Ca. 6s (wired) Ca. 6s (wired)
- 100 microns Ca. 5s (wireless) Ca.7s (wireless) Ca. 7s (wireless)
Battery Performance - 100µm Up to 145 exposures and 3,9 hours Up to 251 exposures and 6,9 hours Up to 217 exposures and 6,0 hours
Battery Performance - 200µm Up to 165 exposures and 4,5 hours Up to 309 exposures and 8,6 hours Up to 276 exposures and 7,6 hours
Usable grid frequency 60Ip/cm, 40Ip/cm, 341p/cm
A/D conversion 16 bit (65.536 gradients)
Encryption Wireless encryption method: AES / Authentication method: WPA2-PSK

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