AeroDR3 HD2 (G5)

Premium Wireless Flat Panel Detectors

  • 1417HD2 / 1717HD2 / 1012HQ
  • DDR Ready
  • Antibacterial Design
  • High Image Quality – 100 micron
  • Super Monocoque Housing Structure
  • Excellent Grip Design
  • Military Drop Test Certified
  • Rapid Cycle Time
  • Aero Storage
  • Realism Image Processing



Premium Digital Radiography Systems with Dynamic Imaging Capability

  • Hight Image Quality

    100 Micron, High DQE and Lower Radiation Doses

  • DDR Ready

    Wireless Dynamic Radiography Imaging with AeroDR TX Mobile

  • Antibacterial Carbon SMC Surface

    Not only coating, cover material is Antibacterial. Long lasting for many years

  • Super Monocoque Housing Structure

    Waterproof – IPX6 Excellent grip Design

  • Very Robust

    Military drop test certified 400 kg surface load, 180 kg point load, 130 kg bend pressure

  • CS-7 Integrated Console

    Realism image processing Intelligent Grid Tube / Gauze Lung Lack / Motion Blur

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Product type Cassette-type wireless flat panel detector
Detection method Indirect conversion method
Automatic X-ray detection AeroSync
Scintillator (fluorescent substance) CsI (Cesium Iodide)
External dimensions 383.7 (W) x 460.2 (D) x 15.9 (H) mm
(equivalent to a 14 x 17 inch cassette)
Weight 2,5 kg
Pixel size 175 μm
Image area size 348.95 x 425.25 mm (1994 x 2430 pixels)
A/D conversion 16 bit (65,536 gradients)
Withstand load Point load: 150 kg @ ø 40 mm
Face load: 300 kg
Waterproof characteristics IPX6
Communication Dedicated Ethernet connection/
Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11 a/n compatible) 5.0 GHz/ 2.4 GHz
Dynamic range 4 digits
Previewing time Less than 2 seconds
Cycle time Approx. 4 seconds (wired)
Approx. 6 seconds (wireless)
Battery/ expected lifetime Lithium-ion capacitor (built-in)/
Equivalent to life of AeroDR detector
Capacitor charging time 13 minutes or less (from 0 to 100%)
Exposures per full charge 150 images / 4.1 hours
Under conditions that the interval between studies is 5 minutes and 3 images are captured per study, assuming 20 seconds for each exposure to position the patient
Battery duration in standby status Approx. 10 hours after full charge

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