AeroDR X70

Ceiling suspended digital X-ray system with tilting wall stand and table bucky

  • Shared flat panel detector solution
  • High image quality and lower dose
  • High patient throughput
  • Auto- tracking



AeroDR X70 Functionalities

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  • Exam auto focus function

  • Accomodates patients of all body types:

    Height adjustable table with patient weight up to 295 kilograms

  • Unique bucky design:

    The AeroDR detector can be inserted in the bucky from either the left or the right side (selectable during installation) after which a wired connection will automatically be established.

  • Multifunctional CS-7 console:

    Our CS-7 work station controls the AeroDR system, as well as the generator and the collimator

  • Examination of extremities:

    The removable grid and tilting bucky allow the flat panel detector to easily be used for examinations of extremities or less mobile patients.

  • Built in foot control for easy usage:

    The table bucky has a built in foot controller and can be equipped with an extra hand controller as well as an additional foot controller to provide an optimal working environment.

  • Shared flat panel detector solution

    Can be operated with only one shared detector

  • High patient throughput:

    The AeroDR X70 system is designed to increase patient throughput. You will experience light and easy handling of the (tilting) wall stand bucky, table and the ceiling suspended X-ray tube, minimizing the positioning time.

  • Tube Tracking

    Synchronised movement of the tube and detector is standard.

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AeroDR X70 Key Features

The AeroDR X70 is based on the cassette sized, wireless AeroDR flat panel detector and is designed to suit a variety of X-ray rooms. The AeroDR flat panel detector can be shared between wall stands and bucky tables and can also be used for tabletop and free examinations.

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  • hc_feature_bucky_icon

    Rotating bucky

  • hc_feature_floating_tabletop_icon

    Floating Tabletop

  • Fast throughout

    Fast throughput

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
X-ray System      
Output 50 kW 65 kW 80 kW
Frequency(up to) 240 kHz 240 kHz 240 kHz
Exposure voltage 40 to 150 kVp    
mA range 10 to 1000 mA (depending on selected kW)    
Dual speed starter Standard Standard Standard
Input rating 400/480 VAC 50/60 Hz    
X-Ray Tube Varian    
Focal spot 0.6/1.2 mm    
kHU 300 (212 kJ) 400 (300 kJ) 600 (445 kJ)
Capacity of the small/large focus 32/77 kW 40/100 kW 40/100 kW
Anode angle 12° 12° 12°
Anode rotation speed 10000 rpm 10000 rpm 10000 rpm
Ceiling suspension  
Weight 127 kg, standard tube and collimator
Vertical stroke 1450 mm or 1700 mm
Tube rotation Alpha from -163 to 180, Beta from -180 to 163
Minimal ceiling height 2500 mm
Height movement Motorized
Tracking Height tracking on wall and table
Table (AeroDR T50)  
Vertical stroke 540-850 mm, oor - table top
Patient load Tabletop for 295 kg Patient weight
Attenuation equivalent ≦0.7 mm AL eq.
Dimensions table top 2400×800 mm
Movement table top Lateral ±150 mm, longitudinal ±500 mm
Image receptor travel ±300 mm
AEC Three-eld ionisation chamber (Optional)
Non Tilting Type Wall Stand (AeroDR S30)  
Vertical stroke, detector in vertical position 310 mm-1780 mm , oor -center detector
Attenuation equivalent ≦0.6 mm Al eq,
AEC Three-eld ionisation chamber (Optional)
Grid Manually exchangeable
Tiliting Type Wall Stand (AeroDR S33)  
Vertical stroke, detector in vertical position 310 mm-1710 mm , floor - center detector
Vertical stroke, detector in horizontal position 580 mm(minimum) , floor - top cover
Positions detector 90°- -20°
Attenuation equivalent ≦0.6 mm Al eq,
AEC Three-eld ionisation chamber (Optional)
Grid Manually exchangeable
Collimator Auto collimator (APR based) , Integrated DAP chamber
Integrated Automated lter (APR based) , Laser light
Installation cube 3 m × 4 m,150 kg (including transfers)

Brochure AeroDR X70

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