AeroDR X60

Floor mounted motorized X-ray system

  • Automatic charging
  • Free positioning
  • Touch panel
  • AutoTracking functions
  • Height adjustable table




  • Auto-tracking

    Intelligent auto-tracking function enables an automatic positioning adjustment of several system components to each other.

  • Automatic detector charging

    The AeroDR detector can easily be stored and at the same time automatically charged in the bucky tray.

  • Easy to use and flexible

    Light handling of the x-ray tube, wall stand and floating table top allow for easy patient positioning, creating a comfortable environment for both user and patient.

  • One detector, multiple positions

    Use the AeroDR detector for examinations in the table bucky, wall stand or for tabletop projections. The AeroDR detector can even be taken to the patient´s bed and used with your existing portable X-ray equipment.

  • Free positioning

    The X-ray tube stand provides the possibility of 360° rotation for a maximum of application flexibility

  • Touchpanel display on tube

    10 inch touch-screen as central operation interface for users.

  • User friendly & safe

    X-Ray examination for specific body areas including low position is made easy



AeroDR X60 Key Features

The AeroDR X60 is a high quality, cost effective, compact motorized floor mounted X-ray system, built around Konica Minolta’s renowned wireless AeroDR flat panel detector family.

  • hc_feature_360_degrees_icon

    360 degrees rotatable x-ray tube

  • hc_feature_autotracking_icon


  • Manage all your campaigns in one portal

    Touchscreen display

  • hc_feature_wireless_icon

    Wide range of flat panel detectors

  • Media handling feature icon

    Auto stitching functionality

  • hc_feature_floating_tabletop_icon

    Floating table top

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Anode rotation speed 2.850 rpm @ 50 Hz, 3.450 rpm @ 60 Hz  
  Option high speed starter: 8.500 rpm @ 150 Hz, 10.000 rpm @ 180 Hz  
Source Image Distance (SID) 350 - 1800 mm  
COLLIMATOR Standard Option
Operation mode Manual Motorized
Type Ralco R 302 Ralco MTR 230 ACS
Automatic switch-on collimator light Yes, switches automatically on when moving Yes, switches automatically on when moving
Light remote switch on Yes, wall stand button for activating Yes, wall stand button for activating
Laser light Yes Yes
Dose Area Product (DAP) meter DAP incl. DAP chamber cable 15m DAP incl. DAP chamber cable 15m
Height Elevating height 575 mm - 875 mm  
Table top Floating table top, 6way movemnet  
Table top dimension 2300 mm x 805 mm  
Table top movement transvers 260 mm, (+/- 130 mm )  
Table top movement, longitudinal 850 mm, (+/- 425 mm )  
Table top height 575 – 875 mm  
Table top brakes and height adjustment Electrical, 4-pedal foot switch  
Elevation speed Upwards: 20.4 mm/s, downwards: 22 mm/sec  
Elevation time 15 sec.  
Programmable height/
Position for favored FFS/SID
Table top thickness 9 mm  
Table top material MDF  
Al. attenuation equivalent @100 kV 1.2 mm Al  
Min. distance Bucky center to table head end 400 mm  
Min. distance Bucky center to table foot end 380 mm  
Distance table top to image receptor 70 mm  
Patient load, max. 320 kg  
X-ray tube stand Maximum user comfort, 360° rotation  
Touch Display 10" screen size  
Tube rotation ± 180°  
Tube column rotation 360°, ± 180°  
Rotation detents at 90°, 0, +90°  
Column brakes Electromagnetic  
Control of the brakes Tube head  
Power supply of the column Via Power Box (230V)  
Height tube column 2400 mm  
Tube stand longitudinal travel 2200 mm  
Focal spot to table distance Max. 1225 mm  
Auto Tracking Height autotracking on wall stand and table  
  Height adjustment table autotracking tube
Moving or turning tube autotracking Bucky
Positioning wall stand Bucky autotracking tube"
Motorized Motorized, remote function  
Column height 2290 mm  
Bucky travel 350 - 1800 mm  
Distance Bucky cover to image receptor 70 mm  
Vertical movement via remote control Yes  
Auto Tracking Height tracking on wall and table  
Type Carbon 480 x 438 x 3 mm  
  FFD 110 cm, 40 lines/cm, ratio 10:1
FFD 150 cm, 40 lines/cm, ratio 10:1
FFD 200 cm, 40 lines/cm, ratio 10:1
Bucky Longtudinal travel 500 mm  
Detector size 14"x17" and 17"x17"  
AEC 3-field measuring chamber  
kV range 40 - 150 kVp  
Exposure time range 1 ms - 10 s  
OPTIONS Patient stretch grip (wall stand)  
  Generator high speed starter  
  Dose Area Product (DAP) meter  
Minimum room size (LxWxH) 4600 x 3000 x 2500 / 2700 mm  
Minimum room size incl. additional patient bed 5250 x 4300 x 2500 / 2700 mm  
Minimum room size 5000 x 3000 x 2500 / 2700 mm  

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