AeroDR Premium

Flat panel detector

  • Lightweight
  • Speed
  • Waterproof
  • CsI scintillator
  • 2 seconds preview
  • AED: hybrid detection technology




Hospitals and clinics are increasingly looking into ways to provide the best healthcare to all patients. Mobility is one such way to improve patient care because sometimes, care needs to come to the patient! Bedside exams may...



AeroDR Premium Functionalities

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  • AED

    The hybrid detection technology inside the panel has contributed to an even more reliable Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

  • Capacitor

    With a charging time of only 30 minutes, the AeroDR Premium is completely charged from empty to full. With its unique capacitor technology, there is no loss of charging capacity and there is no need to replace it during the panel lifetime, like you would with e.g. Li-ion batteries.

  • Robust

    The AeroDR is known for having a very high surface load (300 kg), making it suitable to be used with all types of patients.

  • Speed:

    Its improved cycle time allows you to do more exams per day and enables you to achieve a quicker diagnosis.

  • Waterproof

    A special feature of the AeroDR Premium is that it is waterproof (IPX6). This makes the panel very suitable for more extreme environments like trauma departments, ICU and disaster relief operations where the panel is more likely to be exposed to liquids and body fluids. No need to worry about the circumstances, just wipe clean after each use.

  • Grip

    The AeroDR Premium comes with improved shock resistance and optional grip sheets, for extra security and grip during handling and positioning.

  • Intelligent Grid

    Konica Minolta offers an optional Intelligent Grid: a sophisticated Image Processing Technology to Improve the X-ray image quality. Intelligent Grid improves contrast in the image, which is often affected by scattered radiation. The newly developed software is available as an option on Konica Minolta’s CS-7 console and enables users to have an easier workflow as there is no need to carry around different grids anymore. The IntelligentGrid offers three types of parameters, comparable to regular grid ratios 3:1, 6:1 and 8:1, so the user doesn’t have to switch grids between different exams all the time.

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AeroDR Premium Key Features

Konica Minolta’s AeroDR Premium is a lightweight 14x17 inch Flat Panel Detector and therefore very easy to handle in your daily clinical routine.

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  • Fast throughout


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Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Product type Cassette-type wireless flat panel detector
Detection method Indirect conversion method
Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) AeroSync
Scintillator (fluorescent substance) CsI (Cesium Iodide)
External dimensions 383.7 x 460.2 x 15.9 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 2.6 kg
Pixel size 175 μm
Image area size 348.95 x 425.25 mm (1994 x 2430 pixels)
A/D conversion 16 bit (65.536 gradients)
Maximum patient weight Point load: 150 kg @ Ø40 mm, Face load: 300 kg @ effective
image area
Waterproof Yes: IPX6
Dynamic range 4 digits
Preview display time < 2 seconds
Exposure interval (cycle time) Approx. 4 seconds (wired connection)
Battery type Lithium-ion capacitor (built-in)
Battery charging time empty to full Within 30 minutes
Number of exposable images when the battery is fully charged 300 images / 8.2 hours (three exposures per examination in a five-minute cycle examination; when exposing with an X-ray
Standby time Approx. 20 hours


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