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Gain more efficiency with a combined packaging approach

Digital label and packaging production are booming these days. However, the innovative digital solutions from Konica Minolta not only provide label printing – the Konica Minolta product range covers everything required for an entire labelling and packaging workflow, from printing and embellishing the label all the way to the production of the shipping box … these are the different production steps and the products that do it:


STEP 1 - Label printing with AccurioLabel

A label is to go on to a bottle of wine. It is printed digitally on an AccurioLabel 190 or 230. Digital labelling offers numerous advantages, for instance just-in-time and short-run production; or the printing of individualised labels that are “personalised” or consecutively numbered; and many more. With the AccurioPro Label Impose software, the AccurioLabel presses integrate seamlessly into any production workflow and ensure optimised media usage avoiding the waste of label substrates. Easy to use, the software lets operators handle many prepress tasks from one central control station. And equipped with the optional Flexo Printing Unit, the toner based AccurioLabel presses even enable inline overprinting of white and other colours with flexo inks.

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STEP 2 - Label embellishment

The wine bottle label is now embellished to give it more class, and then cut – both on an MGI JETvarnish 3D Web. Partial varnishing, ultra-precise spot coating, foil stamping, and die cutting are all part of MGI’s embellishment techniques. It enables print service providers to enhance their range of print products with highly creative designs that ensure better margins. Adding 3-dimensional varnish and foil to the printed label will turn a plain wine flask into a premium product. The MGI JETvarnish 3D Web provides both 2D (flat) and 3D embossed spot coating. Or label designs can be embellished with hot foiling, adding glamorous metallic and coloured foils.

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STEP 3 - Printing of wine packaging box

Adding more sophistication, the flask of wine is to have its own paper box. This is printed on Konica Minolta’s latest digital UV inkjet press, the AccurioJet KM-1e. Incorporating an even more advanced inkjet print head design with patented Dot Freeze Technology™ paired with unheard-of versatility in offset substrate handling, the KM-1e combines the print materials and stability characteristic of offset presses with the benefits of latest digital technology. Some of its assets packaging and lable providers benefit from are the previously unheard-of media flexibility including production on oversized B2 sheets, and zero make-ready for variable data printing. Of particular interest for the wine bottle carton is the fact that UV printing provides a more scratch-resistant finish.

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STEP 4 - Embellishment of wine bottle carton

Also the carton box to go around the flask of wine is to be embellished to underline the perception of premium quality – again using MGI technology. Offering digital high-value-added packaging printing, MGI’s decoration printing systems respond to the growing need to highlight the appeal of products by enhancing their packaging with embellishments such as varnishing, foil stamping or embossing. In actual fact, all MGI systems use inkjet heads manufactured entirely by Konica Minolta. By adding MGI's partial varnishing, foil stamping, and other digital-output devices to its product line, Konica Minolta has increased its presence in the production printing market. Konica Minolta offers commercial printers the competence of a serious contender in this label and packaging industry.

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STEP 5 - Motioncutter for cutting and creasing of carton box

Next, the wine bottle carton is cut and creased into its 3-dimensional shape with the Motioncutter 20, using revolutionary new digital laser technology that allows to cut any shape. Not only a wide variety of paper types and weights, but also wood, fibreglass, textiles, refrigerator magnets, and even a coconut can be used as a print medium on Motioncutter. Beyond cutting and creasing a simple shape like this outer carton, the Motioncutter can engrave, kiss cut, name cut, perforate … offering almost unlimited possibilities of upgrading all types of packaging.

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STEP 6 - Printing of a secondary box for shipping

Finally, a sturdy brown box is to be produced for shipping the wine bottle in its elaborate carton. Brown paper on the outside to hide the contents, white on the inside overprinted with a personalised message or imaging – all these labelling refinements and more are possible with Konica Minolta’s Precision Packaging Series PKG-675i. Putting the 'Wow' into labelling and packaging, the full-colour digital packaging printer PKG-675i can process a wide range of folding cartons and corrugated media. On-demand printing of folding cartons and boxes, customised company branding, and run lengths from one to thousands more than meet today’s market requirements and boost the flexibility and production possibilities of commercial printers to no end.

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