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Whether you want to automate your prepress, edit print jobs within your team or set up an online print shop, we have the right product for you.

AccurioPro Flux is Konica Minolta’s software solution for powerful make-ready, professional print workflow automation, convenient collaboration and effective output management. Its three modules Essential, Premium and Ultimate provide a central point of control, workflow automation and web-to-print. Offering essential functionality to minimise costs and maximise return on investment, AccurioPro Flux can be of interest to you as a print service provider or manager of a CRD or in-house print shop of a public organisation, university or corporation.

AccurioPro Flux Benefits:

Three choices to optimise your process for your needs

AccurioPro Flux comprises 3 modules that can be purchased as such, or upgraded as needed with growing requirements:

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As a highly scalable software suite, AccurioPro Flux makes available a range of tools to organise, automate and optimise a company’s entire print workflow. The suite comprises three differently featured software versions that can be purchased as such, or upgraded as needed with growing requirements.

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