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Whether you want to automate your prepress, edit print jobs within your team or set up an online print shop, we have the right product for you.

This latest AccurioPro Flux upgrade offers additional functionality as well as several new attractive options – enhancing your workflow and providing new business opportunities for label printing.


AccurioPro Flux Version 9 upgrade benefits:


Enhanced Personalisation

  • Fast, simple, and straightforward creation of personalised print products like flyers, tickets, postcards, mailings etc.
  • Easily individualise with unique text content (names, addresses), consecutive numbering (e.g., ticket numbers), as well as barcodes or QR codes.
  • Simple to do - just upload a csv. file to the print job and use the placeholder texts to insert the data.


Improved interaction with offline finishing devices

  • Enhanced support for the correct processing of printed files.
  • Need register marks in a specific shape or in multiple positions, or a QR code has a quiet zone? AccurioPro Flux's flexible toolset easily meets such requirements.
  • Additional settings such as colour options and sheet alignments make sre the job content is recognised correctly.


Add images as page content

  • Need to change an image quickly? No need to request a new print file with our upgraded software - the AccurioPro Flux software suit will take care of it for you.
  • An image can easily be added, either to all pages of the file at once, or only to selected pages. Even insertion at alternating positions is possible, for example in booklets.


New option: Flux Label Impose

  • Provides an automated label workflow for Konica Minolta label printers.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface to impose and prepare label jobs for printing, automating the imposition of label repetitions and ensuring valuable savings on the label substrate.
  • Save imposition templates for reuse, also allowing the corresponding die cutting tools to be reused, while the function for adding VDP content from CSV files as text, barcode and QR code provides a convenient way to personalise labels.

New exclusive feature for AccurioPro Flux Ultimate

Online shop: Redesigned login page with individual content

  • The redesigned login page of the web shop now allows you to show your services and company information before login.
  • Create a more attractive login page with individual content, selecting from various content elements, such as a Hero slider for showing one or multiple images, content areas for displaying individual text and images, and the option to embed videos from external sources (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).
  • Additionally, social media links can be added to the login page and a cookie notice is available to comply with GDPR requirements.

Two options & one feature now also available for Flux Essential

Flex Multi Seat

  • Up to 3 operators can work together as a team and have access to the same job list.
  • This is a great option for small businesses that don’t need the advanced collaboration features of Flux Premium.

Flux Preflight Pro

Providing the fully integrated preflight engine of pdfToolbox by callas to detect and fix PDF problems and avoid production errors.

Access from another PC or Mac

  •  Access AccurioPro Flux Essential from another device via your browser or the Flux Workstation app.
  • The functionality is particularly interesting for Mac users who can access Flux Essential via a browser from their Mac if Flux is installed on a Windows PC.

Get the product brochure now to have all information at hand.

As a highly scalable software suite, AccurioPro Flux makes available a range of tools to organise, automate and optimise a company’s entire print workflow. The suite comprises three differently featured software versions that can be purchased as such, or upgraded as needed with growing requirements.

Download the brochure for full information on each version of AccurioPro Flux software suite.

AccurioPro Flux Suite brochure

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