TRIO of Trusts

Three reasons why customers rely on us


Trio of Trusts

More than 1 million installed units* proves our customers' trust in us. 

The Trio of Trusts: Three reasons why customers rely on us.

Standards Conformance and High Reliability

You can trust in the accuracy and reliability of Konica Minolta instruments.

  • Our instruments are designed to conform to applicable international and national measurement standards including CIE, ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, etc. Traceability system diagrams and calibration certificates are also available, and we are accredited as a calibration laboratory for JCSS (Japan Calibration Services System).
  • Our instruments are designed and manufactured to offer high reliability even after long use. Most of our instruments are manufactured and inspected for quality entirely in Japan, with strict inspections to ensure that they are well within catalog specifications at the time of shipment and will offer our customers a long, reliable service life.

Adherence to Safety and Environmental Regulations

  • Our instruments fully meet electrical safety and environmental regulations in force not only in Japan but also in other countries such as the US, European countries, China, etc. These include regulations such as the Japan Electrical Product Safety Law, UL approval requirements, CE marking requirements, AC adapter low power consumption regulations, etc.
  • We have received ISO 140001 certification, and all of our products conform to RoHS requirements.

Full Support from Product Proposal to After-Sales Service

Our aim is to provide customers with complete solutions, not just sell products

  • Before a sale, our experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel are happy to provide customers with advice on selecting the optimum instruments and measurement methods to achieve the desired results. And even after a product or system has been purchased, our comprehensive support system can answer questions regarding product operation and use.
  • In many regions, we offer various kinds of seminars, training, consultations, etc. to help customers deepen their understanding of basic and advanced measurement principles, quality control methods, applicable standards, etc. Our online Measurement Fundamentals pages are also a good introduction to color and light measurements.
  • Our sales companies worldwide offer a broad range of support services, which may include service contracts, on-site service, IQ OQ PQ validation, etc. to meet customer needs. (Please note that services available will vary depending on the region and sales office. Contact your nearest Konica Minolta sales office or authorized dealer for details of the offerings in your area.)
  • We have established 26 major service facilities worldwide, with highly-trained technicians offering inspection, calibration, and repair of our instruments to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability.

* The total number of measuring instruments (excluding photographic meters) sold by Konica Minolta Inc. Optics Company and its predecessor companies exceeded 1.2 million units in March 2011.