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Non-contact 3D Digitizer - RANGE7

Non-contact 3D digitizer for industrial applications requiring high accuracy and reliability


The KONICA MINOLTA RANGE7 is a Non-contact 3D digitizer developed to scan various industrial parts, including press parts, machined parts, dies, prototypes, cast parts and injection molded parts, to generate 3D data. Captured data can be displayed on a computer and compared with 3D CAD models (requires optional software) to quickly output measurement reports on overall deviation, crosssectional deviation, wall thickness distribution and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance). This allows increased speed and improved quality in the manufacturing process.

The RANGE7 delivers improved reliability, operability and portability alongside Konica Minolta's leading auto-focus and optical technologies.


Principal applications

Quality inspection : confirmation and verification of whether parts are manufactured to specifications  Reverse engineering: quantification of quality and capability of parts, etc. from development to prototyping phases