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Product Features


Sonimage HS1 Lite is Konica Minolta’s Smart & Portable ultrasound solution.

Its performance in all imaging modes combined with its innovative and intuitive user interface make this compact ultrasound system ideal for all ultrasound users and specialists.

  • High Diagnostic Confidence
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability

Developed around a modern and fully digital platform and its in-house designed and manufactured Konica Minolta transducers, Sonimage HS1 Lite guarantees a real diagnostic confidence during all examinations and high accuracy during any procedures.


Because its unique design, Sonimage HS1 Lite is extremely flexible, easy to use for different applications and fitting all clinical environments.

As a mobile system between hospital departments, as all-round unit for private practices up to a dedicated Point-of-Care solution.


Sonimage HS1 Lite implements an intuitive user interface, based on a simplified console and touch screen technology on the 15” IPS LCD monitor.

Operating the system in all its functions is easy, minimizing the learning curve and enhancing your confidence.

Full Screen Visualization

The flexibility of Sonimage HS1 in all the different uses and environments is also supported by its Full Screen Mode capability.

The system in fact can maximize the view of the ultrasound imagem by displaying it full screen on its large and high-quality 15” IPS LCD monitor. This way all the details in the ultrasound image will be always very clear, even from a distance.

Konica Minolta’s Transducers

Sonimage HS1 Lite transducers are proudly designed and manufactured by Konica Minolta in Japan.

Because of our specific know-how in probes development, Konica Minolta’s Ultra-Broadband transducers deliver clear and high resolution images in both superficial and deeper regions together with enhanced Doppler sensitivity.

Simple Needle Visualization

Konica Minolta knows the importance of confidence and accuracy in the visualization of the sono-anatomy and needles during interventional procedures; the understanding of these requirements has driven the development of the Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) Technology.

The SNV Technology is an innovative tool dedicated to ultrasound-guided interventional procedures and enhances the needle visualization on the ultrasound image. Straightforward and effective, SNV supports both in-plane and out-of-plane procedures.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Workflow

Based on the DAS28 protocol, Konica Minolta has implemented the Rheumatoid Arthritis Workflow, integrated in Sonimage HS1 Lite: a unique tool supporting rheumatologists for clear and thorough ultrasound-based assessments.

  • Supports the examination via dedicated protocol for Rheuma
  • Provides quick and clear overview within the examined joints
  • Helps and speeds up the workflow because of its dedicated and automatic annotations

Quick Access

Point-of-Care environments require a reliable imaging solution that can be promptly operated at the patient’s side. Due to its compact design and integrated battery, Sonimage HS1 Lite can easily be carried to the point of care and is ready for use in less than 15 seconds.

Sonimage HS1 Lite provides real high-end support anywhere, anytime.

  • Portable solution with integrated battery
  • Boot-up less than 15 seconds from standby
  • Mobile solution on cart with up to three probe connectors


Made in Japan

Customer Satisfaction is Konica Minolta’s priority.

In all its products, Konica Minolta uses the best quality components and materials. In combination with its high-quality development and manufacturing processes, Konica Minolta guarantees both the highest performance and realiability.

Next to the “Made in Japan” quality of the overall product, Konica Minolta provides “Peace of Mind” Service modules and Remote Assistance solutions for Sonimage HS1 Lite, confirming the Company’s confidence and commitment to Customer Satisfaction.